Three hundred days, "Zheng Hao Office" online 300 matters average one day "new" one thing

  On October 31, the reporter learned from the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Data Authority that the first 300 days in 2021, "Zheng Hao" APP has been online 278 items, cross-layer, cross-sectoral, cross-domain "three cross" 22 items, totaling 300 items. 300 days, online 300 matters, average one day.

  The reporter mobile phone logs in "Zheng Hao" app, discovers things related to the daily interest in the masses, such as housing, medical, education, transportation, pension, water and electricity, etc., many can be handled online.

  "These people need to handle things, every day, the ‘transforming’ in the form of massive ‘numbers’, one by one, can be a simple matter that can be" less running leg "."

"The main person in charge of the Zhengzhou University Data Authority.

  In August 2019, Zhengzhou City established the leading group of Zhengzhou "Digital Zhengzhou" construction work leading to the main leaders of the municipal party committee and municipal government, fully launched the construction of urban brain, and developed "Saiced advanced, complement short board, Zhengzhou characteristics, national benchmark "Development Strategy, Clarify" One Year Breakthrough, Two Years, Three Years Leading ".

  Enteruring 2021, "Digital Zhengzhou" has become faster and faster, involving more and more wide range of smart transport, smart medical, smart city management, etc. Statistics show that as of January 29, the Zhengzhou City Government Service Network, "Zheng Hao Office" App has been launched "one thing" and 865 high-frequency matters of the people’s enterprises, including "Zheng Hao" has launched 693 items; The general office applied for 10,000 pieces, the total number of more than 95%; the query volume is reached; the total number of users will have thousands of users, and more than 60% of Zhengzhou people choose "Zheng Hao Office", with an average of more than 20,000 days.

  What changes are "digitized"? Before the public rental housing, you need to come back and forth between 8 departments. Today, "Cast" is integrated, social security payment, marriage, special difficult personnel, low-income family rescue, urban residents minimum living insurance, household registration, 12 information data such as residence permit, provident fund, and real estate realize sharing, the original need to apply for 44 days to complete the application, "can" handheld, zero surge, on the same day ". The pace of the construction of the number, is being strengthened.

Zhengzhou continued to enhance the "Happiness Index" of the people in Zhengzhou.

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