Perfect poreless beauty method for summer perfect woman


Perfect poreless beauty method for summer perfect woman

Whether the overall image is refined or not, it is not just about the rough outline of the external surface. Small details can also determine success or failure. The age of the pores will increase with the age.

Starting from daily skin care, while nourishing the skin, smoothing the large pores, bringing healthy and natural radiance to the skin.

You are born with beautiful pore-free beauty!

  The lotion makes the skin hydrated and plump1, the skin is very fragile after cleansing, and the water easily slips away.

Causes fine lines and pores.

Therefore, no matter the skin type, a step of hydration is essential!

  2. Choose a lotion with high moisturizing and high penetrating power to fully moisturize the skin and gently care for the pores.

  3. When using spray-type lotion, the optimal distance between the nozzle and the skin should be about 15cm.

Enlarges the area covered by the spray to bring moisture and nourishment to every cell of the skin.

  4. In order for the skin to fully absorb the moisturizer in the makeup water.

Gently press your hands on the face and wait for a while to keep them still, so that the moisture and the skin are completely mixed.

  5. If you feel that your skin is still dry, try spraying moisturizing lotion again.

With your hands on your face, it helps to moisturize your skin.

  6. For the triangular area of the eyes with obvious pores, you can use a cotton pad soaked with moisturizing lotion, and stick it to the triangular area of the two toes, as if it is a hydrating mask for the skin.

  7. Use the same cotton pad to moisturize the pores on the sides of the nose and the prominent part of the blackhead.

Cut out the area under the coastline cotton pad to fit the nose and help breathe.

  8. Finally, apply the moisturizing spray to the clavicle and the skin behind the ear in the same way.

These age-prone skins must not be ignored!

  Face cream locks in moisture without losing moisture. Face cream with a high moisture content prevents previous replenishment of water loss and prevents dryness and external irritation.

A clear, powdery face cream that penetrates easily into the skin, hydrates and locks in moisture.

Effectively converges large pores and minimizes the chance of removing makeup!

  9, for the skin after full hydration, take an appropriate amount (about the size of pearls) cream can be used.

In the morning, in order to protect the skin from external stimuli, you can increase the amount slightly.

  10. After warming up your fingertips slightly, apply 5 creams to the forehead, the cheeks that are vulnerable to injury, and the corners of the lips that are prone to the law.

  11. Use your fingers to point the belly and gently push the cream on the face to the entire face.

Apply evenly, leaving skin smooth and supple, keeping moisture tight.

  Eye cream prevents eye problems. Repeated blinking and eye makeup can easily damage the weak skin around the eyes.

With the increase of age, skin problems around the eyes also follow, making the face look old.

For sensitive skin around the eyes, typical eye cream products are essential!

  12. Preheat your fingertips slightly, take an appropriate amount of eye cream, and apply it to the skin around the eyes.

Clear and clear eye cream to avoid affecting eye makeup.

  13. Avoid exerting force. Use your ring finger to apply from the top of the inner corner of the eye toward the outer corner of the eye.

When applying the inner corners of the eyes, tap lightly with your fingertips to allow the eye cream to penetrate the skin.

  UV sunscreen effectively prevents pores from sagging. While pursuing perfect skin, UV protection is also essential.

The ubiquitous UV rays will rob the skin of its elasticity and moisture, which is the main culprit for the enlarged pores.

Therefore, it is necessary to achieve 360-degree UV protection without gaps.

  14, take an appropriate amount of sunscreen on the palm.

The sun protection index is high, the moisture is comfortable, and it is not easy to whiten. It is the best choice when choosing sunscreen!  15. Close your hands and evenly spread the sunscreen in your hands.

The sunscreen after rubbing to a certain temperature is applied to the skin for better penetration.

  16. Apply sunscreen in the palm of your hand.

Start with sunburned cheeks and foreheads, and apply fingertips to the skin around your nose and mouth.

  17, teenagers, clavicle, under the ear and other skin also need to take care of it.

After the free radical skin is particularly susceptible to the sun, so you must pay more attention to the sun care of this part of the skin.

  18. The skin along the face should also be carefully cared for.

People who are particularly concerned about pigmentation and pores need to pay attention to the sun protection of the temples.

  Pre-makeup foundation cream smoothes out large pores and modifies dull complexion, so that the skin appears transparent and shiny, and shapes the three-dimensional feeling of the face. Containing such effects is the best choice for foundation makeup.

The pores in the center of the face are particularly eye-catching, so face the circles in the picture and apply them carefully.

  19. The range of the foundation cream before applying makeup, including the area of the front circle of the face, and the parts that are easy to remove makeup.

Apply the pre-makeup foundation cream in the order from the forehead to the nose to the chin.

  20. In order to prevent the foundation from getting embedded in the pores, when applying the foundation cream before makeup, the smaller the amount, the better.

Use your middle and ring fingers to apply a light layer of foundation cream.

  The meticulous base makeup will make the pore-free skin after the skin care take it to the next level.

In addition to bringing luster to the soft and plump skin, it makes it appear impeccably smooth and smooth, allowing you to score with confidence anytime, anywhere, and feel the almost perfect pore-free skin.