Five habits to pay attention to after fitness

Five habits to pay attention to after fitness

Depending on the duration and intensity of your exercise, you may consume a lot of energy, need to replenish water, nutrition, and must rest through rest to recover.

Ideally, in foreign countries, people usually talk to private doctors before starting a new fitness program, especially those with health problems or physical injuries.

  Beginners get tired for a week after fitness. Many first-time exercisers get tired after exercise for a Wednesday. This is how the body tells you that you need to rebuild your fitness program.

Expert analysis shows that the phenomenon of exhaustion throughout the Wednesday after fitness may occur for three reasons: first, starting too fast, and the time and intensity of fitness should be modified; second, exceeding the limit, which can slow down the fitness speed;There are hidden dangers to physical health, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

In fact, fitness itself can help the body to delay the speed of fatigue. As long as you gradually increase the exercise time and intensity, you will not only not be overly tired, but also improve sleep and mental state.

  Exercise according to your physical strength Even if you are only exercising once or twice a week, you still feel tired slowly. At this time, don’t blame your body for not being upset.

It is better to “listen to the body” as you force yourself to continue to exercise the next day to maintain your body shape.

When you feel tired, this is a message from your body telling you that your body needs to rest and nourish, brake and repair muscle tissue, and rebuild energy.

If you exercise hard, you may break the limit, but it is more likely to hurt your health.

  Eat before and after fitness. This is the body’s command.

Because the body needs to replenish energy, absorb calories, vitamins and minerals lost during exercise.

You can eat a small amount of healthy food about an hour before exercising.

According to the Columbia Health Services website, if your fitness plan is within an hour, then foods that contain carbohydrates, such as a bagel or a toast, can ensure you build up a lot of energy in a short time;Exercise for more than an hour, then alternate digestion time supplements like a banana.

  In addition, about half an hour after fitness, you need to eat small amounts of protein and protein-containing foods, such as fruits and yogurt.

These foods can replace the glycogen reserves you consume while exercising, ensuring your body has enough energy.

  Rehydration When you exercise, your body will sweat. Most of the sweat is water, so you need to replenish it after exercise.

Otherwise, there is a danger of dehydration, which can cause you to feel lethargic and even comatose in severe cases.

Drink water 3 hours before the start of fitness; within 3 hours before fitness, you can only drink about 3 cups of water; during fitness, it is suitable to drink a glass of water every 20 minutes.

After fitness, you can weigh yourself. For every half a kilo you lose, you need to drink 3 glasses of water.

  For example, if you light a candle at both ends, it will soon burn out. Similarly, while working out, if you study day and night, work or take care of your family, instead of sleeping well, you are inDestroy your body.

This may lead to more fatigue after your future fitness.

Therefore, sleep appropriately for 75 hours that night to ensure that your muscles rest and recover.

  WARNING If physical fatigue occurs after fitness, it may be caused by diseases, such as chronic fatigue syndrome or mononucleosis. If you have a special alternative to fitness after fatigue, you can seek medical treatment as soon as possible.