The illegal act of non-regulating insurance clauses who have been approved or filed in accordance with the regulations shall be punished.

The Committee on November 9th discloses the administrative penalty decision (Yin Baobao Punishment] No. 37), the insurance policy, insurance premiums, insurance premiums, the use of approval or filing, in accordance with the provisions of the insurance (Beijing) Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. The illegal act is punished. After investigation, the micro-medical broker sells the security WeChat public account to sell peace of mind property insurance limited liability (hereinafter referred to as peace of mind " Yuan and other content. According to the safety of the "Anxin Property Insurance Co., Ltd. in the Silver Insurance", the payment method is divided into monthly payment (12 issues) and the full payment of the full payment (12 issues) and the full payment. If the payment method, the premium payment shall be the same, and the first phase should not be 0 yuan or 3 yuan.

The Bank of China has identified that the actual sales of micro-medical brokers will help millions of medical insurance use the monthly payment method. The first month of charge is 0 yuan or 3 yuan, and the first phase of the premium payment fee calculated according to the filing insurance rate is inconsistent.

The above did not use the insurance terms and insurance rates of ratification or filing, in violation of the provisions of Article 170 of the Insurance Law, according to Article 170 of the Insurance Law, a fine of 100,000 for micro-medical brokers Yuan, according to Article 171 of the Insurance Law, the Performance of the Director and General Manager of the Time Ministry of Medicine and the General Manager Ten Western Warm 10,000 yuan. Input investigation data shows that China (Beijing) Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. was established in September 2012, which is wholly-owned holding by Hangzhou Guangfa Technology Co., Ltd. And Hangzhou Guangfa actual control artificially controlled the founder of China, the actual controller Liao Jieyuan. At present, the micro-medical group has established a large health management model for medical + drugs. For the first month of 0 yuan chaos, the regulatory authorities released the risk tips on preventing insurance induction sales in October this year, pointed out that in some online scenes, there is a first month of 0 yuan zero-payment free guarantee lottery acquisition and other Internet insurance products advertising page Some consumers are insured by free induction without clear understanding of insurance content, premium payment, etc. This marketing drainage model has problems such as inducing marketing, information disclosure, infringing consumers’ right to know and independent choices, and prone to consumption disputes or complaints.

Consumers must clearly realize that they are induced free, which is very likely to hide traps and risks.

(Reporter Nie Guochun).