US cancels 33 countries travel ban International flight ticket bookings continue to increase

  On November 8, local time, the United States reopened the border to international passengers from 33 countries in 33 countries, and ended international travel restrictions for more than 18 months.

According to new regulations, these 33 countries fully vaccinated that vaccination will be allowed to enter the United States, provided that they can show a vaccination certificate, as well as the negative proof of new crown test in the first three days of travel. Un-vaccinated Americans and minors under the age of 18 are not subject to this limit, but the new crown virus test must be negative. In this regard, major airlines said that the number of international flights to the United States is continuing.

  As a three airlines in the United States, American Air China (Americanairlines) said that the number of ticket bookings between the United Kingdom and the United States increased by 66%, and the number of ticket bookings between Europe and Brazil and the United States increased by 40%, respectively. 74%. Unitedairlines said that the sales volume of flight tickets in the same period in 2019 after the Biden government announced the end of the United States international travel ban. Deltaairlines said, on November 8, the company expects 139 flights to fly from 38 countries to the United States, most of which are all reserved.

  Although the international travel ban is over, the US Tourism Association believes that the number of international travels in the United States is expected to recover the level before the new championship occurred in 2024.

(Source: CCTV News Client) (Editor: Dai Xiaoyu, Jiang Jie).