Changzhou sealed off the area: the residents stay at home to protect the service door

Original title: residential homes, security services on-site November 3, Changzhou three regions, nine sites were included in the scope of the epidemic sealed off the area, the "closed area, stay at home, service door."

As the largest Changzhou sealed off the area, how the situation in the Wujin District Hutang Zhen Yu Yongding City area community? This reporter had visited. Intra-group information 24 hours a day "epidemic Royal City Room group" micro-channel group, the message flashing. "There are bags of new rice in my house, you need to contact me." "Peace through this one week than anything else.

come on! Neighbors Come together! "" I have a home vegetable garden, there is a need to contact me anxious. "" Just to see someone for help to milk, you can contact me. "Since the construction of the 3rd group, group information never stopped almost 24 hours.

Yongding Community Party branch secretary Zhuangya Juan said that the timely establishment of micro-channel group, in addition to room, but also to give timely answers to everyone’s questions, and arrange to give psychological counseling professional counselors. At 20:00 on the 3rd more than a "little brother courier residence district no place to live, looking for renters" information spread in the owners group.

"I have a charging treasure" "I look for clothes with a past together ” with a little fruit" …… owner Sun Haiyun reply in the group "can live on the first floor of my house!" And immediately begin preparations for all kinds of daily necessities, let accident trapped Yu City express little brother Zhang Mekong have temporary home. During the isolation period is closed, community workers and became isolated households, "servant", through the establishment of mechanisms for protection package, contact the corresponding masses, on-site distribution of vegetables, meat, grain, fruit, medicine and other necessities.

At 22:00 on the 3rd, 61 residents of the house again, Liu Xi was sounded volunteers, "This cake box is to prepare your breakfast.

"" Today has been sent three times the materials, vegetables, meat dishes, lunch, and now comes the cake.

"Said Liu Xi, isolation, though not long, but the closure of hardship and inconvenience, a move that has been a heart-warming" heal. "3 UAV" bilingual "propaganda" wearing a mask, one meter line, do testing! "" Wu Tong Come on, come on Royal City! "At 12:00 on the 3rd, one UAV equipped with radio equipment in the Royal City area vacated off the square, shouting bursts of sound came from the sky." After receiving notice in the morning, we were charging UAVs equipment , maintenance, and emergency procurement of propaganda speakers, loaded on the plane. "UAV operations team of volunteers, Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou City, Xiaoyu, general manager Xu Xiaohui introduction, the prepared a total of three unmanned aerial vehicles, shift team, we can achieve 24-hour loop. UAV propaganda all content provided by Hutang cultural stations and recording, and Changzhou dialect of Mandarin version of "bilingual" cycle, the maximum coverage area now has four segments recorded content can be updated based on the actual content. "the first round of the nucleic acid detection compared to today’s more efficient.

"At 13:00 on the 4th, Guo residents and neighbors in New UAV" shouting "down, waiting for nucleic acid detection.

"Please wear a mask, not crowded, testing finished go home, do not stay in the district.

"By the community workers, members of the grid, property staff, police, and other components of enthusiastic owners of volunteers, back and forth," patrol "to maintain the queue, but also to appease everyone’s mood. Zhuangya Juan introduced, a total of the first round of nucleic acid detection sampling nearly ten thousand people, the results were negative.

The second round of 8 sample points were set in a cell, points early, middle and late periods for three, taking 10-in commingled detection technology to the unit floor as a unit, a cell population after receiving the notice, to the batch sampling waiting sampling point, we will be able to learn the detection result within 6 hours.

10 meters buffer zone ran out of 10,000 steps, "the police told me to stay put, I rushed to take up a snakeskin bag, turned to ask the shipping address to go, action is really to fill the gap." At 15:00 on the 4th, the public Zhang Mi to deliver grain to the imperial city home quarantine sister, is preparing to walk carrying rice to the buffer, it is responsible for epidemic prevention work of the police "discovered". "At present, the police is responsible for maintaining order in front of the buffer and security work.

"Royal City of South Gate area, Wujin District Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Team White Dragon is to educate the public to send daily necessities for area residents to fill the cell floor number, house number and the name of the head of household.

White Dragon fences where the cell at the registration gates that nearly 10 meters, this period is set to a buffer, for handling materials. November 4 morning, the district increased the police force and youth commando members consisting of 80 police commandos assembled here. Area residents see much gesturing inquiries, Wujin Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade police Liu Chen trot, "I was thinking to solve the problem quickly, so that residents have better peace of mind." "Well then paste signing all kinds of supplies to send into the area, to immediately classify and transport, or accumulate if "Economic Investigation police Team Zhang Kai see shipping needs manpower, left and right a pack a bag, picked up supplies on the trot helped to send the corridor.

"Do not underestimate this distance!" Said the White Dragon, the number of steps per day per person ran at least 10,000 steps, "At present, more participants, more clear division of labor, the process clearer." □ newspaper reporter correspondent Cai Wei Zhu Fan Yuxian Liqin Wang Ning (Editor: Xiao Xiao, Zhang Yan) share to allow more people to see.