Tie Li smiled and said:“No matter what,I still sincerely thank you。Where do you live,If you are far away, just drive my car,Pick me up by the way tomorrow“

“Your bed is so big,Why don’t you tell me to stay?“Xia Jian said,I couldn’t help laughing。
Tie Li’s face changed and roared:“Dirty!You go!“
Xia Jian laughed,He walked to Tie Li,Bent over and picked her up from the sofa。Tie Li was a little scared at this time,Her face changed a lot,Said hurriedly:“What do you want to do?Don’t fool around?Otherwise you will regret it“
Xia Jian holds Tie Li,Walk towards her big pink bed。Tie Li in Xia Jian’s arms trembled a little nervously,She kept saying:“No way,You can’t do this“Although the woman’s mouth is refusing,But she did not take any resistance to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian put Tie Li on the big bed,Then his mouth fiercely pressed towards Tie Li。Tie Li quickly closed her eyes with a panic。But at this moment,Xia Jian got up and left。
Listening to the slam of the door,Tie Li just opened her eyes。She suddenly felt a sense of loss,A sense of loss that I have never had。This bad man made her heart tremble,What a bastard who specializes in smashing women。
Tie Li’s feet no longer hurt in the bed,But she couldn’t sleep,Xia Jian is all in my mind。She even felt that she didn’t hate Xia Jian,There is a feeling that he is not empty in his heart。
Although they only met for most of the day,But too much happened during this period。Maybe I have been with some people for more than ten or twenty years,May not be able to meet so many things together。Could it be that she has been waiting for such a person for so many years?Tie Li completely insomnia。
Xia Jian approached Tie Li with a play mentality,So he didn’t have any thoughts in his mind,To put it bluntly, just for fun。So when he returned to the hotel,Fell asleep。I slept very comfortably this night。
After getting up the next morning,He lay on the bed and called Gu Yue,Unfortunately, I can’t connect。It seems he really miscalculated this time,I should have called Gu Yue earlier。
at this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He saw it was a landline number,And stillGZof,Xia Jian hesitated and connected the phone。
“Hey!Mr. Xia!It’s almost eight o’clock now,Why haven’t you come to work?I don’t want to come anymore!“Guan Yue’s sweet voice came from the phone。
Xia Jian just remembered,I am not a free person,Should go to work at Yunmao Group。what should I do?Gu Yue cannot be reached at the moment,He can’t just leave!Or go to work first,I’ll talk about it when Gu Yue comes back。
Thought of here,Xia Jian stood up。Smiled on the phone:“over slept,Come in a while“
Washed up,Changed to a pure white short sleeve,Just got downstairs。In a hurry,I had to go to the underground parking lot and drove my own big Ben,This is going to the Yunmao Group。