Zhang Lehehe laughed and said:“Our work is about efficiency,Performance appraisal every week,Once a month,Not up to the requirements,Bonus will be deducted,Of course, good grades are,We will also have appropriate rewards“

“Ok!So good。What is the current situation of employee recruitment in the Eastern Wholesale Market?“Xia Jian’s words turn,The question span is very large。
But Zhang Lexin is very successful,She said very calmly:“It’s almost there,Just a few skilled electricians“
After Xia Jian,Very satisfied,What the group needs now is this working speed,Otherwise the lack of personnel will cause unrest。In this way, the management difficulty is increased virtually。
Xia Jian asked about the recruitment situation of the group’s resigners this time.,Judging from Zhang Le’s report,The results are quite gratifying。Then the two chatted for a while,Xia Jian saw it was almost time,This is the way out of the administrative human resources department。
He just arrived on the first floor,Lao Wang drove in with his car。Xia Jian beckoned him,The car fire hasn’t gone out,Xia Jian got in the car and left。
Entered the address of Guo Meili’s hometown on the navigation,Xia Jian was fully ordered by navigation,Because he doesn’t know the way here。
It seems that the last time I came to the mining area,Heiwa drove this way。Anyway, someone used to drive,He never keeps track,When it’s time to open,Somewhat difficult。The good thing is that there are few road forks here,It’s not that easy to get out。
The navigation led the car to a town,Lost its function,Helpless Xia Jian had to get out of the car and ask,Just turned my head,Drove the car on a small road leading to the village。
Although the road is not very narrow,But dirt road,It can be said that the pits are extremely uneven。Xia Jian drove the car very slowly,Finally arrived at a village called Tuwan Village。
Xia Jian parked the car in front of a small shop,Ask Guo Meili’s house to the lady who is watching the shop。Auntie heard that Xia Jian was looking for Guo Meili,She laughed and said:“Good home!Best find,Newly built small foreign house,The whole village is their family,You just walk straight away“
Xia Jian hurriedly said:“Thank you!“Jumped into the car。
The village is built on a hillside,It can be said that it is stepped up.,Until the top of the mountain,Xia Jiancai saw a very beautiful small western-style building。
Tiled house full of civil structures,Suddenly saw a small building,Still really make people shine。Xia Jian parked the car behind the gate,Then jumped out of the car and walked in。
The red iron gate is open,Quiet in the yard。Xia Jian walked in gently。The yard is all cast with cement,People are more comfortable walking up。