Wang Munchun is very fast,Originally, she is a woman.,It is not strange to makeup,Soon she makes her own makeup into a middle-aged woman.,Looking well, I saw it very satisfied.。

NS184chapter New progress of counterfeit bank plan
Qi Rui, Wang Manchun, which is covered with makeup, has a circle of return to a circle.,When I came back, I met Blue Carrier.,I found that she gave himself a micro expression.,Said is an important situation report。
Ruined blue carp:“rouge,How long have you been a special high school??”
“what!?Report,I have been four months.!”Blue Kun pretended to be confident,
“Come to my office,I used to train you,I want to know what you have learned in the four months.。”
“Oh!OK。”Blue carphere is a little reluctant,
“To answer!”Rui Rui,
“Yes!”Blue car scares to correct,
Laughter in peace:This small machine is very performer.!
Blue Koff is very good to come to a special lesson,Rui Rui let Wang Manchun go to digest the skills just learned.,Bring Blue Koff into your own office。
“Tell me what you have done for four months.!”Rui sharply refers to the paper pen on the table,Signature of her side of writing to write down。
Blue Koff and Baba said yourself for four months.,Write fast on paper:The devil’s counterpartsenger plan has a new progress,Green Musk from Japan invited the technician to improve the printing version.,I have already conducted three trials.,But the printing location doesn’t know,I didn’t see the printed false banknotes.。
Rui Rui wrote:“Beautiful!The next thing doesn’t have to take you.,Give it to me!”
Blue blush is a cute face,Then put it asked an emergency:“Long pool class,I have reported it.,Can you go??”
Rui Rui pretending to be angry:“Blue carp,Is this a four-month result in the special service headquarters?!It’s too disappointed.!”
“Ji Tiri,I will work hard later.,I promise!”
“Go back and reflect!”
Blue carp is escaped from a long history,Because this is normal,The little girl is smart than the average person.,Do things dripping。
Sit down and think,During this time system did not give the task,Is it a skill package?,Or you can only connect two tasks yourself.,Just complete the destruction of the devil’s counterparts plan。
Rui Rui wants to decide or go to the special class to see if I can find anything.,He replaced a small question to the special class directly found green martial arts,Say:“Green talents,I came to ask the four people who were deducted yesterday.。”
“Don’t you give a long tailor??”青木 武重,
“Two no problems,But I sent it to two men and a woman who was killed.!”
“Oh!?Is that a man and a woman??”Yellowmum is very perfunctory,
“Will not,At that time, two people were filled with many wine.,They are all drinking drunkenness is no ability to kill people.,So I am going to ask if the collar length is there.?”Asked Qi Rui,
“I really don’t have a clue.,At that time, the length of the wine is to let me investigate suspicious people.,As a result, this two people have problems,So I will give you people directly.,I don’t know anything else.。”
“That disturbed!”Qi Rui said that it is standing,
Qingmu Wudang Station gets up:“Long pool class!Good way!”
Going to the door to open the door and turned:“Green talents,How is your room in this room??”
“Oh!I just printed some things yesterday.!The ink taste is a bit big,But I really like this taste.。”
“Where is the print?,I have a special lesson, there is also something to print.。”
“Is there a fixed print factory??”Queu Wuwang asked,
“Have it?I just didn’t know.。”
“Long pool class,We specially need to print a lot of materials to print a lot of materials per month.,But the print mills are basically specified.,You should have a record there,This is not good。”青木 武重 提道,
“Oh!It turned out to be like this,excuse me!”
“It’s ok,Long Chi Chi Changqi did not know normal。”
“Thank you!goodbye!”
Rui Rui left the special two lesson:Green Musk is very cautious about the counterfeit bankn,It can only be from the print factory.,There should be no printing plants with printing banknotes in Shanghai.,And should it be a printing factory opened by Japanese?。