The nutritional value of red dates

The nutritional value of red dates

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  Most people know that red dates have many benefits. People who keep healthy, especially children, love it. Do you have any alternatives to red dates?

So what is the efficacy and role of red dates?

Let’s take a look at the following article together.

  Is there any controversy about red dates? Although red dates are good, they will bloat if you eat too much, so you should pay attention to controlling your appetite.

Damp heat, heavy tongue, yellow tongue is not suitable for people.

  When eating red dates, you should also pay attention to the contraindications during menstruation. Some women will have eye swelling or swollen feet. In fact, this is a sign of wet weight. These people are not suitable for taking red dates, because red dates are sweet and easy to eat.Wet, water accumulates in the body, and edema is more serious.

If you have bloating, it is not suitable to drink jujube water, so as not to stagnate wet, the more you can drink the stomach, the more difficult it is to improve the wind.

Those with a hot constitution are not suitable to drink jujube water during menstruation, which may cause excessive menstrual blood.

  Excessive consumption is detrimental to digestive function: Jujube can be eaten often, but not excessively, otherwise it will lose digestive function and cause constipation.

In addition, red dates are rich in sugar, especially red dates that are made into snacks, which are not suitable for diabetic patients, so as not to increase blood sugar and worsen the condition.

If you eat too much red dates and don’t drink enough water, you can easily damage your teeth.

  In addition, jujube skin fiber content is very high, it is not easy to digest, it will bloat if you eat more, especially people with poor gastrointestinal tract must not eat more, it is best not to eat!

  The efficacy and role of red dates 1.

Spleen and Stomach: People with weak spleen and stomach, diarrhea, and fatigue, eat seven red dates daily, or share it with Codonopsis and Atractylodes, which can nourish qi, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and increase appetite and diarrhea; red dates and ginger, Pinellia can be used together to treat gastritis such as bloating and vomiting caused by inadvertent diet.


Nourishing qi and nourishing blood: Jujube is the best product for nourishing. Jujube is often added to the diet to nourish the body and nourish qi and blood.

Dr. Andy Sun from National Taiwan University of Immunology strongly advocates that eating red dates, scutellaria baicalensis and wolfberry more often can improve the vitality of the body and enhance immunity.


Nourishing blood and soothe the nerves: female bipolar disorder, crying, restlessness, etc., use red dates and licorice, wheat with the “Ganmai jujube soup”, can use blood to soothe the nerves, relieve liver and relieve depression.


Relief medicine: Jujube is often used as an acute medicine prescription to reduce the substitution of strong medicines and protect righteousness.

For example, in “Jujube Decoction”, jujube is used to relieve the toxicity of laxatives such as Gansu, Euphorbia, and Wuhua, and to protect the spleen and stomach from harm.

  Consumption of jujubes is good. It can be eaten often, but it should not be overdose. If you eat too much, it will swell, so you should pay attention to control the appetite.

  Jujube is rich in sugar and is not suitable for diabetic patients. Eat more jujubes, gargle without drinking water, and easy to fracture teeth.

  Those who are wet or bloated are not allowed to eat; those who are hot and humid, and whose tongue is yellow should not eat.

  Patients with chronic disease, food accumulation, and constipation should not eat more; patients with dental caries, dental pain and phlegm fever and cough should not eat.

  The fiber content of jujube skin is very high, and it is not easy to digest. Be sure to chew it fully, otherwise it will affect digestion.

People with a bad gastrointestinal tract must not eat more.

  Although jujube contains a lot of nutritional value, there are exceptions to jujube. Through the above introduction to the efficacy and role of jujube, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.