What kind of fruit is best after eating? Some kind of fruit does not harm the body.

What kind of fruit is best after eating? Some kind of fruit does not harm the body.

The latest strawberry study found that strawberries also have the effect of consolidating gums, refreshing the tone and moisturizing the throat.

Strawberry meat is sweet and has a certain anti-cancer effect.

There is a saying in Apple West: Eat an apple a day and keep the doctor away from me.

Compared with last year’s ranking, although Apple is on the list, its ranking has declined.

This is mainly because, on a global scale, there are many types of apples, and the quality is uneven. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has led to an increase in apple sugar and a decrease in vitamin content.

The higher plasma fiber content in apples can double the dual regulation of gastrointestinal function.

Eating apples during diarrhea can contract very well, and eating apples during constipation can help relieve symptoms.

Papaya has always been known for its whitening and low-denatured papayas, and it has topped the list for the first time.

Papain in papaya has a good whitening effect.

Recent research by scientists has not found that papaya enzymes present in papaya milky juice can help the body break down meat proteins.

Eating a small amount of papaya after a meal has certain effects on preventing gastric ulcer, gastroenteritis, and indigestion.

Oranges, oranges and oranges are rich in vitamin C and lutein, which have good antioxidant effects.

Like oranges, the content of carotene in mango is also very high. Although the nutritional value is rich, it can’t be eaten too much in a short time. Otherwise, the concentration of carotene in the blood is too high, it will deposit in the skin and make the skin yellow., causing caroteneemia.