Baoding City Gaoyang County: Creating a business environmental high place to excite the release market vitality

People’s Daily News "Hello! I am a staff member of the Baoding Gaoyang County Administration Administration, inquiry, your" Food Business License "is about to expire, our bureau will provide you with full process Help service … "A few days ago, Ms. Yan received the phone and said," said "I didn’t wait for me to declare, I didn’t need to prepare for me. I don’t have to run, I don’t have to run, I will make an appointment. I received a new license, it is so convenient! "Recently, Gaoyang County, Baoding City, Hebei Province launched the" No Sense Approval "service model.

Through the construction of a government service intelligent three-dimensional perception system, the information reminder of the needs of the enterprise mass needs, make an appointment, accurate supply and intelligent disposal, free express approval documents.

Currently, the county has passed the "No Medical Approval" to handle 86 licensed business. Since this year, Gaoyang County has focused on innovation mechanisms, reconstruction processes, compression time limits, and focus on optimizing business environment, continuous liberation of productivity, stimulating market vitality, and strongly promoting county economic development.

Establish and improve the standardization, standardization system, and improve service level and the satisfaction of mass satisfaction. Take the form of "one application, unified acceptance, parallel approval, one-sided", and achieve construction license "once", the government investment project has achieved the construction license "two office", and the approval of the construction license is compressed to 20 During the working day. Infraction of the "Help Executive" service, providing the enterprise and the masses "One-on-one" intimate service, currently, has provided "Help Executive" services for 26 companies.

Government service matters achieve "one network", online can achieve 100%, the total process network accounts account for 75%, and the government service business shall be collected in real time, the online acceptance rate is%; promote the enterprise registration Through the "Cloud Window" "" One Window "and other platforms, realize the establishment of the registration, the official seal, and the invoice application for" one-stop "is completed, and the company registers completed within 4 hours, and the company has time compression. To 1 working day, the entire electronic registration rate of the company reached%. Comprehensively promote electronic documents (streets) (streets) and 30 county straight sections of the county, and report the report.

Data collection for electronic licenses, the county has covered 81 types of electronic license, and 6,300 electronic licenses have been collected this year. Promote the "Pepsi", "cross-regional unite" reform, and officially sign the intercoming cooperation agreement, extension window " "Required Office" The satisfaction rate is reached.

Since this year, the county has been registered in 3,910, and the year-on-year increase is 35,773. (Shangfan, Moonlight) (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.