Stick to the initial mission and quenching politics

Original title: Sticking to the Guanxin Mission Temperature, Iron Army This is a self-revolutionary self-revolution in a blade.

On February 27th, the National Political and Legal Team Education Instrument Mobilization Deployment Conference was held in Beijing and opened the school of political and legal team education. Ningxia quickly established the District Police Team Education to rectify the leading group and office. Under the strong supervision of the central fourth supervisor group, under the strong supervision of the Autonomous Region, under the strong leadership of the Autonomous Region, the first batch of political and legal team education rectification units and departments were closely rounded. "Requirements, highlight" four tasks ", do a good job in" three links ", with higher stations, greater strength, and more powerful measures high quality and efficient promotion education and rectification work. Stick to the initial mission and quench the political and iron army.

For more than 4 months, through the first batch of education and rectification, all localities concerned, the dynamics, the dynamics, solved a group of stubborn diseases, clearing a batch of horses, selected a group of advanced typical, launch A group of Huimin initiatives, the political loyalty of the school and county policy of political and legal teams constantly built, and the anti-corruption and defense line is more secure. It provides a strong guarantee for the construction of a higher level of peace, and Ningxia, Ningxia.

Tighten the responsible chain, promote practice with higher station organization, only do not shake the party’s leadership, can make the resources forces to make the resources, mobilize, ensure that the education and rectification is not fragile, and the hooves are steady and strong. Moved, it must be active. On March 2, the national mobilization deployment has just been in the past three days, Ningxia held a meeting, comprehensively mobilizing the deployment of political and legal team education in the region. The Party Committee of the Autonomous Region resolutely implements the important instructions for the important instructions of General Secretary of the University, and the party central decision-making deployment, adhere to the "one play" in the whole district, constantly pressing the main responsibility of the local party committee, direct responsibility of the party committee and political and legal units, related units Collaborative responsibility.

The three-level layer of the district and county is compacting, and the level transfer pressure is ensured that the party’s central decision-making is in Ningxia faster, it is firm and fine. The party committees of the autonomous region have fulfilled the first responsibility, and the above-rate education rectification has been promoted.

All district education and rectification leading groups and office members have diverted contacts, squatting research, forming work, and promoting clues verification continue to deepen, and tutaneous remediation is deep. City, county education rectification leading groups, the units of the units, the list of tasks, the list of liability, and form a good work situation in which up and down links, overall power is formed. Throughout the learning education, constantly consolidate the political loyalty root base 27 young police officers and 15 professional tutors, through strengthening the backbone retainer reserve, cultivating a batch of high-quality professional prosecutive practice backbone talents with deep theoretical skills, outstanding business capabilities, this It is a scene at the Signing Ceremony of the Signation of the Signation of Hui Agricultural District Procuratorate in Shizuishan City.

Hold a political circulation class, watch the party history of the party history, convene a warning education conference, hold the English model patrol report … The political and legal team education rectification, all localities will study education throughout, lay-level grading, leadership, leadership The cadres took the lead in learning, took the lead in propagating, take the lead, organized the big discussion and discussion, and guided the police to understand the police, and promote learning and implementation. In the learning education, through continuous enriching learning form, innovation to carry out study ten laws, SMS WeChat classrooms, organic integration "three sessions and one lesson", political and legal lecture hall, etc. The political and legal system has formed "often study, active, comprehensive learning , In-depth learning "long-term mechanism. Party Committee secretary, discipline committee secretary of the district, the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection, and the Party Group (Party Committee) Secretary of the Political and Legal Unit (Party Committee) Take more than 380 scenes of the party classes, do more than 100 jobs, and hold more than 800 scenes of various party history.

Adhere to the "loyalty lessons" of political education, the party history learning education "Junior Class", British Dynasty Education "Casting Class", warning Education "Method Class", "Implementation Class" Wucai, Targeted Party , Case, policies "three special education", guide the police to learn to promote and learn.

The autonomous region selection of 28 political and economic england and 100 advanced typical, the city and county held the English model report, the deeds preached more than 370 games, and the education police had more than 76,800 people, guided the vast police to stand the job responsibilities and struggled. In-depth investigation and correction, the dynamic rectification of the stubborn knife blade, and resolutely remove the horses.

In the central part of checking, Ningxia adheres to no ban, all coverage, zero tolerance, launching the idea to implement the point to implement the policy, and further mobilize the self-correction and initiative of political and legal police.

Promoting the trail, the case, the case, clear the horses such as Xu Jinjun, Xie Guowang, Tongjun, and safeguard the health of the political and legal team. In the case of a 1-month black-related and evil key case, "look back", organize the key case review inventory examination and the "Dissautions" 9 key cases. Standardize the disposal clues, refine the clues into 6 types, classify the establishment of accounts, and implement the listing group.

Efficient and verification clues, the autonomous region has been established by the provincial leaders or the leaders of the provincial leaders or halls, and the relevant departments of all over the world adopted the "double-handed" mechanism, leadership team members package to grasp, clues and disposal, verification report Three-level joint system, key case listing supervision system and other measures, the problem of clot garage is%.

Find a lesion, targeted treatment. In the education and rectification, the regional political and legal system seriously launched a special rectification, precision diagnosis and treatment "basic disease" and "local disease". Using the masses to report complaint verification, "Ten Tests" and other "Ten Tests" in the inspection of letters and visits, and comprehensive disciplinary diseases, comprehensively investigate and correct investigation. The special rectification work of the provincial leaders and hall-level leaders in the autonomous region, targeted to rectify the "six major inacious diseases" and "four types of outstanding issues". All local departments conducted in-depth development of "three provisions" public commitments, stubborn, millions of clues, improper law enforcement judicial behaviors, and promoted a number of individual problems and common problems, dominant issues and deep problems.

Focus on solving the "urgent expensive" problem of the masses in the political and legal field, and the wife is in prison, and the 10-year-old son has a strong inferiority because of family changes. After mastering this situation, Yinchuan prison actively contacts Yinchuan City Xixia District Youth League Committee, jointly helping He family. "We build multi-level, multi-channel, multi-angle help platform to help solve problems such as the life difficulties of prisoners, lack of adult children, ablation, psychological imbalance, etc., let love into these ‘hidden corners, let them feel The warmth of society is healthy and healthy.

"Yinchuan Prison Deputy Prison Chang Wu Qifan said.

In the education and rectification, Ningxia insisted that the masses were satisfied as the starting point and the foothold of the education and rectification, and strive to solve the problem of the masses in the field of political and legitors. All local departments organize people’s representatives, CPPCC members, grassroots cadres, people, service objects, etc., through field research, discussions, visits, public opinion, etc. Hope.

The regional political and legal system launched a top 10 categories of 55 specific initiatives, concentrated in 979 private practical items. All local departments have carried out specific measures such as "doing good practices for people’s livelihood", 365 × 24 hours agency service, etc.

"Always adhere to the people-centered, in the education and rectification, in order to do practical things, do things, solve problems, in order to let the education rectification source will continue to learn from the people and bring together people.

"Yinchuan City Procuratorate Dried police officers said.

Give full play to the "Supervisor", the advantageous practice proves that only the authority of the Central Supervision Group "Supervisors", the autonomous region’s resident guidance team "resident", with the party committees of all levels, can we The pressure is conducted to each level, and the responsibility is compacted to the "last kilometer".

During the education and rectification, Ningxia took advantage of the issues found in the Central Supervisor Group and the rectification opinions, and solidly launched "look back", consolidate education and rectification results, and promote source governance. Autonomous Region Education and Corruption Detained 5 aspects 25 categories of 45 assessment projects, and various departments around the "five" "five look" "six evaluation" standards organized self-examination.

The Office of the Autonomous Region passed the inspection desk, the questionnaire survey, the window visa, the masses visited the acceptance, and urged the "return" to the discovery. In response to the research on the feedback of the central supervision team, establish a rectification plan, establish a work desk account, refine the specific rectification measures, and the whole process of rectification, full coverage supervision, the whole process follows. Autonomous Region Education and Corruption Office lists the 194 system construction guidelines, and clarifies the subject of responsibility and accelerates the promotion of the establishment of the establishment, and constantly forms a long-term mechanism for administrative management of managers.

Political ecology of political and legal system further optimizes, disciplined strikes have further improved, and the quality capacity is further enhanced. The law enforcement justice credibility is further improved … Ningxia’s first batch of political and legal team education rectification work handed over a heavy "answer".

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