Perspective 81 Beijiao listed enterprises: nearly half is located in Jiangsu, Beijing, Guangdong, Shandong, "After 90", the real-control person holding a market value of more than 800 million

China Economic Weekly – Economic Network News (Reporter Yaokun) On November 15th, the Beijing Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as Beijiao) officially opened the city, 81 stocks began transactions. Three days in the market, the North Exchange has been a total of 4.32 million, and the total market is more than 4.32 million, the top three stocks have a total of 100 million yuan. This article will be based on public data, from the industry’s property, geographical position, development time, new shares, consolidated people wealth growth, etc., the 81 listed companies are combed.

The manufacturing, scientific research and technical service industry accounted for nearly 8-year-old day-to-eye check data, according to the national economic industry classification, 81 listed companies in the North Exchange cover 8 first-class industries, 26 secondary industries.

According to the first-class classification standard for the national economic industry, 81 companies are mainly concentrated in manufacturing, scientific research and technical services, including 39 manufacturing, accounting for nearly half.

In the second-level industry classification, technology promotion and application service industry enterprises have a total of 14; 9 electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industries, 8 research and experimental development industries, 5 software and information technology services industry, medical Five manufacturing.

Nearly half of the enterprises are located in Jiangsu, Beijing, Guangdong, and Shandong according to registration, 81 listed companies in the North Exchange have covered 23 provinces nationwide.

Among them, there are 12 companies in Jiangsu, the top of the list; Beijing is tightened with 11 times, there are 10, 7, 3 and 4th, and the four-largest provinces in Guangdong and Shandong. The company is selected, accounting for%, reaching nearly half.

Many companies were established before and after 2000, after nearly 10 years of development, there was a public data showing that the establishment of the listed enterprises on the North Exchange is more distributed after 2002. At present, there are 9 listed companies in the Beijiao, in 2004, in 2004, followed in 2002, a total of 8.

The longest development time is the establishment of Changzhou Power Station Auxiliary Co., Ltd., established in 1978; the shortest development time is the Guangdong Driven Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which was established in 2012.

Nearly 9 years of enterprises have external investment record data. As of now, there are 75 foreign investment in 81 listed companies in the North Exchange, accounting for more than 430 companies, and the total investment has reached approximately 14 billion yuan. RMB Mainly investing in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai, mainly invested in science and technology promotion and application services, wholesale, research and experimental development and software and credit technology services. 17 new shares real-controlled people in 60 people, and 1 90 post-share market value of more than 800 million new shares are often rich. Concentric transmission () is an example, nearly 500% of the first day, let the company real control people Chen Hongkai, Liu Qian’s wife, only a trading day, the two-person shareholding value increased more than 1 billion yuan. According to statistics, 10 new stocks listed on November 15th involve 17 real-control people, of which 60 after 60, and 3 after 70, and there are still 90s.

Among the 17 real-activated people, Jing Seiki Technology () real-controlled people Hou Xue was born in 1993, the minimum age.

According to the listing announcement of the Singress Science and Technology, Hou Xue holds the shares of Jing Sai Technology% and serves as the company’s secretary. Hou Xue and the company another real-fired relationship between Hou Shiyi. Calculated on November 15, Hou Xue’s household share value exceeded 800 million yuan. (The copyright is "China Economic Week" magazine all, any media, website or individual may not be reproduced, extracted, link, repost, or otherwise use.).