“I,I am still the body……”

Zheng Minmin can’t wait to find a hole to drill in。
“This is impossible!Entering the door of the high home,Can also be a place?Is it a good fortune??”
Li Zhiling asked。
“At that time, I was still small.,Can’t travel。Gao Rui has been in Qizhou……He has a room,No shortcomings。”
The man who has the power this year will not lack the woman.,But the family is married for too little daughter.,Can you walk,In fact, it is more important。
Just like Yang Su,I have already married Li’s family.,But this girl is too old.,It is a three-year start.,So the two are only named,Live in Yangjia。
In fact, don’t have a cave room。
“My husband didn’t touch you.?This is not like him.。”
Li Shini asked。She is coming today, I want to see what the woman is around my husband.,I didn’t expect it to be so small.,More young than Zhang Hong Niang。
She once suspected that Gao Biyi only likes under the age of seventeen years old.,But now it seems,Obviously there is another hidden love。
“Gaotou gave me two choices,One is to do a chamber,The other is to keep a secretary around you.,Help him handle the literacy,I chose one behind.。”
This guy is really playing!
Li Shi Tan was laughing in the hand of Gao Baoyi.。
Beauty sways in front of you,Careful eye,I just don’t eat,Don’t eat!Never eat,Always have fresh feelings,More fun。Waiting, I can’t help but eat.,Receive the hometown,Replace another secretary。
But I think about it, I can’t walk.,As long as it is a beautiful woman to come to Gao Cheng,Li Mu Tan is happy again。
at least,Gao Boyi can only count“Play”,Instead of“Let go”。He is still very robust,Although the wife and wife are very high,However, the quantity is also equilibrium,Not a lot。
certainly,Not put those“Simply Playing”Also count。
“Sister.,And you,If I recognize me this sister,There is your location at home.。”
Li Shini hugs Zheng Minmin from behind,Speaking softly in her ear:“I will cover you at home.,Yet……You have to tell me this way you know.。How about it,You can’t be a long life secretary.,Not too late to come in sooner or later。
If you don’t agree,Then I can only persuade Alang.,Let him give you to Li Da as a rouse,Don’t you die, let’s?”
Li Da?That beard?
Zheng Minmin scared the chicken skin.。
This man and man,It’s too much to grade.?
Gao Bao is a man’s temperament,Li Da is a wild temperament,This can be the same?I don’t mean to Li Da as the chamber.,Gao Biyi is the emperor,Give the emperor,Behind the same class。
What is the mixing of Li Da??
Zheng Minmin, this time, this time, I have a lot of conspiracy.,I saw Li Shi Tan.“Mingsheng Dark”,Really Wang frying,I am not an opponent at all.。
After Li Da is getting the beautiful beauty of this delicate drop,Absolute heart,Who is helping?,Finally, Li Hui,Estimated to make sister!Completely becoming her loyal origin。
One hand played,The face is there.,Also punish yourself“disobedient”of。Gao Bao’s rooms also know less competitors.,It is also to thank Dade。
This is a female version of Gao Biyi,Zheng Minmin is really a big written“Clothes”。
“younger sister……Willing to say with my sister。future,Please also ask your sister to take care of。”
Zheng Minmin has no unexpected yield.。