Liao Wenjie mouth,Looking at the snow outside the window,A look of a face of poetry“Lady,Tomorrow, West Lake, snow scene will be beautiful,Not three people in a boating,How do you mean??”

“Can’t,Recently,Let Xiaoqing go with you.。”Bai Suzhen squids the shoulders of Liao Wenjie,sleepy。
“I don’t want to go,Who will go?……”
Xiaoqing has a lonely from the hot pot.,Put it in your mouth,Proudly said that it is drunk.,I have been planted in Liao Wenjie。
This fall,Two eyes,Just follow the name of the stove,Dead, hug, resolutely refuse。
Bai Suzhen has no intensive pushing small blue two,It’s a top hammer.,Take the neck of Liao Wenjie no longer。
Heaven,Hibernation,Be too lazy。
That night,Liao Wenjie hugs in the nest,Hand in hand,Grabbing a warm furnace。
“Young,Why are you here?”Liao Wenjie is very shocked,Clearing, don’t know who is pulling the clothes。
“Cold weather,In front of winter,Both sleep with my sister。”
“real or fake,How do you get warm?……wrong,Regardless of true fake,Can’t do it now.。”
Liao Wenjie patted her head“good,Go back to yourself,Let people give you a stove tomorrow.。”
“do not want,I will sleep this after winter.。”Xiaoqing hugs Liao Wenjie’s arm,Chu Chu, Poor Baishi, I saw the past。
Weak and weak,It’s still can’t eat it.jpg
All see,Is a small blue-headed hand,He is innocent。
Liao Wenjie is speaking to Bai Suzhen,The result of the result is a counter-state,Just got Xiaoqing,No black feet will take it out of bed。
Make a fairy fight again,Let Liao Wenjie deeply disappointed,Can only have long sigh,Full of abdominal complaint,Left hard to hold old and old to sleep。
Boring,The ancestors are not a little meaning.,I hope to reduce some difficulties next time.,Directly changed to the ancestors in his mouth。
Chapter 361 The brother is the fault of the demon girl.
In the nest,Two snake arches,The last face is in one place。
Snake,The lacquered space is overlapping,Fake fragrance full of plastic sisters。
“Young,Weather Cold,My sister is so sweet,Give you a place,You can don’t get inch。”Bai Suzhen is in Liao Wenjie,Wholly warning。
Sisters are sisters,Love is love,This is two yards,Sisters, if you dare to move her love,She dares to smash her sister’s skin.。
“Sister, you are married to me.,People really come over,Didn’t you find it?,More than half a year,I am honest.。”
Xiaoqing’s face,趴 另 另 另,Be careful:“Have a sister,See you and son Qingqing every day.,I feel almost the same.,I want to find an old man.。”
“That feeling,But you are not enough.,Onesen, try it is easy,Will only fall into the injury and injury。”Bai Suzhenkin smiles。
“I am hurting, I understand,What does it mean??”
“Demon,You think about it again。”
“My sister is always so high.,I am a beginner,I don’t think about these destitute。”
Xiaoyan jumps through topics that make physical discomfort,Laugh:“Still,I have learned from my sister, I have been learning for so long.,Little seven-like six wants no feeling,Surprisingly。”
Bai Suzhen kneading Xiaoqing’s face,Quasi-drop:“That is, I haven’t met the right person.,Feelings this gentleman is paying attention to,Change a meeting,You will understand。”