You can’t be so boring

You can’t be so boring

There is a kind of bird that flies all day long, sleeps in the wind when tired, and can only rest once it dies.

This stupid bird appeared in a line in the famous “Gump of Forrest Gump”.

  By the way, maybe you are the one to say.

If I have to work all day and work with a heavy load of pressure on my shoulders, I will be half dead, and I will go home to accompany my wife non-stop after work. The time error is controlled within 10 minutes. I also accompany my wife to my opera when I watch a concert.I never thought of you. I had a house and a car in my mind a few years ago, and I was a child in these years. I never imagined a different way of living?

  Let’s be honest: the ordinary life destroys you while accomplishing you.

Your career is successful and you go up every day. In that rotten “Style”, middle class is synonymous with tediousness.

I live by the rules and I am afraid that there is a fine grass in my lawn.

Organize your life like a program, then fix bugs and run strictly.

  The reality is composed of trivial matters.

Chaimi oil and soy sauce vinegar tea is not poetic at all.

So Baodi and Baoyu talked about the economics of their careers, and the second elder was annoyed and anxious with other girls.

This mediocre life can easily make you mediocre.

Kobayashi in Despicable Me, thought to himself, “Wife, this person is also very temperamental, why is it so vulgar and boring now?”

Maybe we can’t blame anyone, who made us eat in this mundane world.

But we can think of some ways to isolate ourselves.

There are many ways to isolate. As long as you have the mind of isolation, even if you only bend on the bank of the Yongding River, you will not get as much sunlight as the Caribbean.

  Therefore, when one night is coming, find a bar and make some friends-friends you didn’t know before, and friends you know today-friends, what good medicine is not too much, can cure boring.