Containing express delivery brothers all the way

Original title: Containing Express Little Brother is running wildly with the development of online shopping and catering markets, express delivery, and take-out industries have a strong growth momentum. Due to business busy, couriers and take-away distributors driving electric tricycles and electric bicycles violates traffic regulations, and the issues of brewing traffic accidents are not uncommon, and they have an upward trend. Although the traffic police department has always attached great importance to the act of violating traffic regulations on express delivery, it has also taken various measures, but it is still often seen the simplicity of express delivery. Privately change the vehicle, rush all the way, look from the surface, is a fast-moving brother traffic regulation is weak, but chasing the source, there are many places worth thinking about. Why do you want to rush all the way? Due to the number of express delivery, the speed of delivery is proportional to the speed of express delivery, the speed of the express delivery is required, and the transportation of express delivery has become the main group of illegal modifications of vehicles, and with the number of express delivery, The vehicle modification market is also expanding, and there is a small problem for traffic management. Corporate the standard.

It is necessary to strengthen the education propaganda of traffic regulations, and effectively improve the regulatory awareness of express delivery brothers and safety.

Establish and improve the social security mechanism, increase the inspector for the signing of express delivery and "five insurance and one gold", especially the insurance insurance insurance insurance insurance that should be included in the express injury, expand the coverage, to reduce their stress .

Actively explore the establishment of a network of travel, the collective consultation mechanism of the express delivery industry, and negotiate to formulate labor standards such as distribution unit prices, labor protection, and maintain the rights of new employment. Related companies should strengthen their love for express delivery, they can’t take a penalty, when the "mother" "of the brother. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the governance of the vehicle’s illegal modification industry, and effectively strengthen supervision, strict law enforcement, serious treatment, and let the modified vehicles are extinct on the road.

Express brother is a beautiful life creator, guardian, but the express delivery has a long working time in the career development, the labor intensity is high, the labor relationship is complex, the occupational security is poor, and the social recognition is not high, and the urban integration is difficult. The whole society must care about the express brother, give them more guarantees and care, improve occupational security, optimize industry management, strengthen humanistic care, let them run happy, peace of mind, comfortable. (Editor: Zou Jing, Wu Nan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.