Built a good technology talent workstation

  At this year’s National Science and Technology Award Conference, 10 of our province won the 2020 National Science and Technology Award. One of the highlights is that more than half of the award project is completed by the company and research units, and the scientific and technological talent workstation. It played an important role. Practice has proved that enterprises really become the main body of technological innovation decision, research and development, scientific research organization, and achievement transformation, it is an important force in the development of technology innovation. Enterprises have recently been connected to the market, with the driving force behind technology and industries.

More and more companies have become an innovative enterprise, and more and more R & D institutions are set up in companies. More and more R & D staff focus on enterprises, more and more R & D funds come from enterprises, more and more Invention patent from enterprises, more and more major scientific and technological project invention patents originate from leading enterprises, in order to make companies become innovative subjects, the key is to build a technological talent workstation.

To this end, we must continue to optimize innovation environments, improve corporate innovation service systems, and promote innovative elements to enterprises.

  The reason why companies becomes innovative, and talent is a core element. Forming a technological innovation system that is integrated with enterprises, market-oriented, industrial research and research, and is critical.

There is no strong talent team to support, and technology innovation is the passive water, none of this wood.

Built a good technology talent workstation, you can build high-end intelligence platforms to build high-end intelligence, guide innovation elements to enterprises, enhance corporate technology innovation capabilities, and even promote regional economic development, and play an important role.

  The Science and Technology Talent Workstation is the brand project of the Science Association system. In recent years, the Provincial Science and Technology Association has vigorously implemented Zhihui China, Komantong China Shanxi Action, integrating politics and chemical research, providing accurate service for enterprise development, through the condense of experts from all levels, in-depth research and decision-making consultation Service, representatives of the Science and Technology Talents Workstation Workstation of Beijing University of Technology in Fangshan County, and strongly promote the development of science and technology and economic integration. The Provincial Science and Technology Association passed the creation of a scientific and technological talent workstation, guiding scientific and technological talents and enterprises, in the Jinmen, and then walked out of Shanxi, and walked into Zhuhai and Hong Kong and Macao and set up regional science and technology talent workstation. Establish and improve the open talents agglometric mechanism will strongly promote the transformation of scientific research results, drive enterprise technology innovation, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "adhere to the forefront of the world, the main battlefield, the major demand for the country, facing the people’s lives and health, continuous science and technology," for technology innovation, indicating the direction, and provides follows.

Strengthen the status of enterprise innovation, give full play to the role of talent first resources, establish smooth outcomes to transform landing docking mechanisms, we must enable innovative ecological construction to serve high-quality development, let more scientific and technological achievements from enterprises, enter Enterprises provide a powerful engine for all-round high quality development.

Zhang Yinqin (responsibly: Liu Yang, CANDY).