Crossing time and space conversation: Original musical "Sparkling Red Star" in Beijing

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If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page This is a dialogue that spans time and space, is also a red classic contemporary watch. The large original musical "Sparkling Red Star" created by Ruijin City, the Republic, has been staged in Beijing, and a group of "90" "00" "00" 0000-00, "" " Reproduce the stage after interpretation. Since the birth of the novel "Sparkling Red Star", the young hero Pan Dongzi, the writer Li Xintian, has become a classic art image that is deeply rooted in the hearts. The same name story film taken by Bayi Movie Production Plant in 1974 is a household in China, affecting generations; movie episodes "Red Star Song" "Yingshan Red" "Red Star, I will fight", the moving melody has entered hundreds of millions Chinese people in the heart.

  At the time of half a century, the film episode "Yingshan Red" singer Deng Yuhua is on the music "Sparkling Red Star", listening to the moving melody again, the heart is ignorant.

"I feel that Pan Dongzi is coming back! The present, to use the art forms and techniques of young people, tell the red story, let red genes are endless, and they have passed on generation." Musical "Sparkling Red Star" mainly tells 1934 After the Red Army Long March, the Central Soviet Union Pan Dongzi and the local revolutionary people insisted on the fight against the enemy, and the stories were quenched in the white horror. In a hard-working struggle, the Chinese communist’s initial mission is broadcast in a rural boy. "How to do both innovation and grounding, in history and reality, is the biggest creation problem we face, and is also a requirement for the era of literary workers.

"The drama scriptwriting Cao Yu introduced that the script puts the power to" growth ", the original classic image has been given the new era meaning.

"The Pan Dongzi in the drama will thrive, because the parents who dedicated the revolution give him enough love and ideals, only love can watered the love, only ideals can light up ideals." In the play, Pan Dongzi’s father Pan Xiangyi joined The Red Army was injured in the fight against the enemy. He took the initiative to give the anesthetic to the Red Army brother, so that Pan Dongzi and his friends were well received.

Pan Dongzi’s mother and the women of the Soviet area use women’s tenderness and support the party and the Red Army struggle, and also affect the children in the village.

The main force of the Red Army was forced to evacuate the central according to the central, Pan Xunyi, with the troops, and left a red star to Pan Dongzi before leaving. It is this "sparkling red star", becoming the light of the dark old world, lit, rising the revolutionary fire in the heart of Pan Dong, let Pan Dong have become a "chasing light". At the symposium held in Beijing, experts said that the music "Sparkling Red Star" is in fashion art form, in inheritance and innovation, highlighting the forwarding and pursuit of revolutionary ideals. The "Sparkling Red Star" is given a powerful spiritual power, the initial mission of the Chinese Communists, injecting the "Power of Belief" and "Ideal Light" in the heart of the red teenager. The original author Li Xintian once said that the "Sparkling Red Star" has his accumulation of life, condensation, artistic pursuit, and more horses for teenagers.

"Original musical" Sparkling Red Star "is a major target audience in the new era, and strives you to understand the new interpretation of the red story.

Li Zhijian, deputy secretary of the Ruijin Municipal Party Committee, said that the "Soviet Union" is the first batch of great spirit in the spirit of the Chinese Communist Party, and the spiritual wealth of "Red Hometown" Ruijin people.

The creation of the drama is a practice of combining its own red resources, inheriting the spirit of the Soviet area, is a tribute to classic, but also a great job.

Shi Shengnan.