Pinggui District invested 150 million yuan building the mine road 30 km

The picture shows the mine road.

Tao Shengping taken recently, into Hezhou Ping Gui mining, road in the mountains like a jade belt meandering side of the road mountain, with a wide field of road the wrong bus station, with parking, clean pavement, traffic signs wires intact, so Along the way people feel safe, smooth and comfortable. "State Road 207 East base line five water crossing to White Rock Road toll station, Wang Tai Road high stone Niutang two floating hole intersection road, sand rushed to the river road row, White Rock fee calories segment expansion and other mining road, one after another in recent years, opened to traffic. Up to now, Pinggui District has invested more than 100 million yuan, the construction of the highway mine more than 30 kilometers, while the masses which effectively improve travel conditions, but also to speed up the marble mineral resources development, as well as promote Pinggui economic and social development has Hezhou significance. "Ping Guicheng investment company project department official said.

Since Pinggui mine road construction, Pinggui district government principal leaders of several in-depth mine road construction site, asked in detail about the progress of the project, supporting the availability of funds, difficulties and schedule arrangements, construction safety, etc. encountered in the construction, Efforts were the basis of the requirements of production safety and epidemic prevention and control work, scientific efficiently promote the project to ensure that all sections of the highway mine as scheduled. Construction units are also anxious to overcome the road bends narrow road, requiring high technical difficulty, security risk, duration task tight and so difficult to solve a lot of construction problems, speed up the progress of construction projects.

Mine construction contents include the main road construction roadbed, pavement, drainage, traffic ancillary facilities engineering.

According to relevant person in charge of the Pinggui District Transportation Department, in order to prevent environmental pollution problems caused by mine road transport, it is struggled to take control measures such as road dust, automobile dustproof and creation of rolling forest belts.

Road dustproof is done in time to repair damaged roads, and seize water with sprinklers; car dustproof does prevent cargo vault, and the car is added, the vehicle enters the flush platform to automatically washing, make sure the body has no landless and dust Create a ribbon to create a multi-layer ribbon such as a tree on both sides of the road. (Tao Shengping) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Wei).