Male and female health differences

Male and female health differences

The difference in physical structure and mode of thinking between men and women creates a difference in the way they live.

Only by focusing on their respective characteristics can we grasp the health care focus and be able to do more with less.


A survey of men who want to “cold” and women who want to “hot” raise Australia finds that women living in warm, sunny areas have a worse life expectancy; men living in cooler climates live longer.

In life, we will also find that men are “hot and strong” and afraid of heat; women are more afraid of cold.

Therefore, men may wish to try “cold” health.

When the male is in the sauna or hot water bath, the temperature is 37 °C?
40 ° C is appropriate, not more than 20 minutes each time.

Should also try to “quit” to put the laptop on the thigh, continuous cycling or driving, love to wear tight jeans, long-term close to the loose sofa and other habits, because these will cause the scrotum to be surrounded by pressure, so that the pellet temperature is inducedIncreased, reproductive function is affected.

Women must adhere to the “hot” health.

For example, using hot water to soak your feet before going to bed can relieve pain and promote sleep; use warm water to prevent arthritis and gynecological diseases when doing housework; pay attention to adding clothes at any time to protect the abdomen; eat cold, eat cold food, so as not to be menstruatedNot adjusted, dysmenorrhea and other injuries.

Recommend everyone to do health and moxibustion, adjust Yuanyang to make up blood.

Common points for women’s health care: Guan Yuan, Zhong Yi, Zu Sanli, Sanyinjiao and so on.


The difference in the physiological structure of men’s heavy zinc supplementation and female iron supplementation also determines the difference in nutrient requirements between men and women.

When women are in menstruation, iron loss will accelerate.

After menopause, the rate of bone loss will also increase due to hormonal changes, so women need iron and calcium.

For men, zinc is critical and affects the secretion of androgen.

In normal excretion, men lose more zinc per day than women.

A 50-year-old woman needs to make up about 18 mg of iron per day on average, and a male 8 mm.

Women before the age of 50 need to make up 800 mg of calcium per day. After 50 years old, they should “up” to 1000 mm or even more.

Therefore, women should eat more foods such as beef, chicken breast, salmon, animal liver, dark chocolate and other residual iron, as well as dairy products such as dairy products, soy products, and eggs.

Men should eat more zinc-rich foods such as seaweed, beef, pork liver, sesame, and seafood.


Men have to control their mouths, women have to sleep well from the mouth, and the proportion of women, the value of this risk faced by men.

Men smoke, and the proportion of heavy drinking is significantly higher than that of women.

In addition, male physique determines that it needs to eat more meat, and the dietary problems caused by more entertainment are more serious, so it is especially important to control the mouth.

For men, it is best to develop a habit of loving exercise from a young age, not to take the “smoke and alcohol” trick; to push off some extra table entertainment, you can use the fitness, hiking and other ways to contact.

It is believed that the survey found that the number of women with poor sleep quality is male.

7 times.

Sleep is important for both men and women, but women’s sleep quality is relatively poor due to personality and psychological reasons.

In addition to trying to maintain a sunny mindset, women can try these “sleeping” skills: drink some milk before going to bed, eat some oatmeal and other foods, do not count the exercise 2 hours before going to bed, do not play mobile phones after 9 o’clock in the evening, etc.

Male stomach, female brain males are not good mouth, stomach is followed by injuries.

Compared with women, male gastric ulcers, gastritis and other diseases have a higher incidence.

Men want to protect their stomachs, bid farewell to high-salt, high-oil diets, can eat some pasta, millet porridge and other stomach foods, and grab the morning 5:00?
7:00 and 20:00 before going to bed?21:00 two “golden quotes” on the back of the bed.

The prevalence of female cognitive impairment is higher than that of males, and the trend is more obvious with age.

A North American study found that women with cognitive impairment had brain atrophy earlier than men.

Interest, good attitude, etc. are the “necessities” for raising the brain. Middle-aged and older women should pay more attention to cultivating hobbies, communicating with others and integrating into society.

Men practice strength, women practice flexibility. For men, losing muscles loses the foundation of life.

If a man is unable to complete 10 push-ups after 40 years of age or 19 times in 30 seconds, the muscle strength is obviously insufficient.

Middle-aged people can exercise separately on the upper arm, waist and abdomen, and lower limb muscles, and focus on “breaking” the waist and abdomen.

Older people can do this by lifting the dumbbells to practice the upper limbs and practicing the lower limbs for a long time.

The perfect combination of curves and softness makes women’s enviable body.

Practicing flexibility is a homework for women. Even some people are naturally weak and uncomfortable, but the practice is also very effective. It is not too late to be 40 years old.


Men need to be quiet, women have to deal with different psychological needs of men and women, and the performance is different when there is psychological pressure.

When the mood breaks out, many men will have the “violent” tendency of androgen, love to throw things, and move hands and feet.

Men can’t keep things in their hearts, but it’s recommended to converge on venting methods and learn to be quiet.

Women do need to dispel emotional junk more than men. “Crying” and “speaking” are the tools for them to relieve stress.

However, it should be reminded that women should pay attention to the occasion when they complain, and some don’t be in front of children, public places, etc.

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