“Call the doctor again!”

Hu Yili looked at Wan’er’s uncomfortable appearance,Hurriedly said。
“beated……No one answered!”
Dean Huo said helplessly。
He also wants Fang Yu to come over soon。
but,More urgent……
Seems to be slower!
Keep going like this。
Don’t wait for Fang Yu to come,You can prepare for Jiang Wan’er。
“I don’t answer the phone,Because i’m in the elevator!”
Just when Hu Yili wondered。
Fang Yu’s voice came!
Because Jiang Wan’er’s most dangerous situation actually passed long ago……
and so,Fang Yu just bought the silver needle。
“Other unrelated persons,Go out!”
Fang Yu ordered。
immediately,Others go out。
Hu Yili was left alone!
“Sorry……I failed to take care of her!sorry to bother you……”Hu Yili sorry。