Can also plant in the field。Ministers suggest,In the future, there is no tree in the land of Jinyang.,Uncharacted tradable,2. Half of use for promoting planting cotton,First, use the military demand for Jinyang Town Shoujun。”

Can grow warm goods,military,Jinyang heavy town。
Have these keywords here,This suggestion is difficult to pass。But will it be,Originally, it is easy,First solve it first,There is a problem with less disagreement.。
Then discuss the difference in differences in differences。
only,Yang Wei’s feeling is still very bad,Because of this major decision,He actually does not know!Jinyang,Cultivation of cotton,He as a slaughter,Actually there is no participation。
Or no one is involved in this matter or。
This will make some problems.。
“Greater host,What do you think??”
Li Zuyu asked softly,Gao Bi seems to feel the hot eyes behind the curtain.。
Yesterday, I was very crazy in the building.,Gao Biyi is really afraid that Li Zugu shouted his voice.,Can’t go to the DPRK today。However, he obviously underestimate the recovery ability of women.。
Which of the landed fields were cultivated in the world??Experimental cattle is not counting。
“Lift,Wei Chen felt that Song Shangshu said that。Jinyang climate is suitable for cultivation of cotton,Moreover”
Gao Bo Milton,Continue to say:“Cotton is a strategic material,I will be strictly forbidden to sell to other countries in the future.,Arrangement in Jinyang is right,In the city, it will be happy all day.。”
As for the cotton why is strategic supplies,What is the consideration?,These words,Not in this occasion。Gao Bao said these,In fact, all officials who are not moving and reminded.。
Cotton planting,Matters。Anyone wants to make this above,Everything we must take it.,Does any component do this?。
Another component in the main hall is not enough,But the quantity has a lot of officials standing out!
Yang Wei suddenly went to see the head,I found that many people are listed.。
His hearts have a bad premonition。Honest,Inside the six,Cui Jihu,There is also Cui,Many familiar officials,Gao Baoyi does not occupy an advantage。
But,Six parts,There are still many Si Cao!
these people,Become a blind spot in his own vision。Unclear,Actually, many people have been pulled out of Gao Bao.。
certainly,The people standing out,Maybe there is one“One heart”of,I will stand up and stand up.。
But most,It should be a Gao Baoyi party feather!
These people do not have a mountain dew in the weekdays,Also didn’t take my head and I can’t go.,did not expect,They are waiting today!
Yang Wei recalls,I was drinking with Cui Jihu last night.,The other party is meaningful,now think of it,It seems that it is implied that he is rushing to retreat.?
From the morning in the morning,Yang Wei feels,Cui Jihu must know what you don’t know.,He should have unique news channels,Just don’t know what is that?。
“Since I love Qing’s unanimous support,Then I handed over to Song Qingjia.。”
Li Zuyu is obviously prepared,Debt extremely secure,Just like beforehand。
First big event,Yang Hao’s beliefs are not coming out.,It’s already over.。Many neutral officials such as Cui,After seeing this scene,The heart is secretly reflected。
Look at a little indication from this chapter,It seems that the era has changed.!Whether it is a thing discussed,,Still people who are in charge of the topic,Both are different from it.。
It seems like Li Zuyu this too,The host of the emperor is negotiating government affairs,Nothing is not coordinated。
“Next one。”