“I asked the sorghum stalks to take people there,News soon。”

“Hey,Nacheng,I’m looking for outsiders。”Big guy hung up the phone,I scratched my head with my hands and froze for a while,Immediately took a few bites and smoked the remaining half of the cigarette into a cigarette butt,I patted the bell on the coffee table beside the bed。Minutes,The half-naked woman knocked on the door and entered,Twisted and walked to the bed,About to kneel down and serve,But was grabbed by the big man and threw it on the bed。
The woman was surprised,Followed by a delicate voice,“Why is Brother Biao so anxious??Not finished yet……”
“Be a bird,I want to sprint now、Sprint……”The big man screamed,Hungry tigers usually press the woman under Huahua’s body……
Two vans galloping on the provincial road,Less than an hour’s drive from Yunshan,On the road at night,Vehicles are already very scarce。Zhu Lei, who was sitting next to Li Tianchou, suddenly received a call from the car behind Peng Weihua,“Old wish,Tail behind。”
“When did you find it?A few cars?”Zhu Lei frowned,Turn your phone into hands-free,So that Li Tianchou next to him can hear clearly。
“Just one,Black Jetta。Follow as soon as you leave the county seat。The paralyzed kid is a thief,Didn’t care at the time,Now this second guy is bold,Just a mile behind me。”
Zhu Lei glanced at Li Tianchou,And Li Tianchou was in a very bad mood at this time,After hearing it, I couldn’t help but make an unknown fire,Which idiot hit the gun?He guessed that there are two kinds of people,One is Wang Fan and the like,Such a big move in Yuxing,They will respond naturally;The second category is the police,But the possibility of local Fukuyama is extremely small,If it is Xiao Yadong,It makes no sense that there is only one car。
Whoever he is,At this point, Li Tianchou will not be polite to anyone,He coldly ordered:“Dispose of,Don’t kill。”Peng Weihua on the other end was taken aback,He planned to call his apprentice directly,But after the quarrel in the afternoon, I always feel a little awkward,That’s why I called Zhu Lei,But if nothing happens to the other person,And uncharacteristically determined,He is also unambiguous,“OK!”Hung up。
The van where Peng Weihua was in quickly got out of sight of the inverted mirror,Wen Hui, the driver of the car in front, also slowed down.。When the other party follows up again,Peng Weihua’s call has arrived,“Get it done,Squeezed into the ditch by Laozi。”
Li Tianchou trembled,Has a very weird taste,It is not clear whether the command just now was impulsive or my heart has hardened,He held the phone for a long time without speaking。
“Hey,I’m fine。”Peng Weihua yelled loudly on that end。
“Follow up,Pay attention to the back。”Li Tianchou’s light command,Try to calm the complex mentality,He suddenly felt warmth beside him,Xiao Song Zheng looked up at him in a daze。
“It’s okay,Coming soon。”Li Tianchou smiled and patted her shoulder,I suddenly didn’t feel so cold in my heart。Xiao Song nodded,Still fall asleep again。
Zhu Lei paused for a while,Suddenly took out his phone and took a look,I couldn’t help but say what I wanted to suppress。Because the car has entered the mountain,All cell phone signals are gone,This means they temporarily lost contact with Fukuyama。“Very arrogant tail,I’m afraid there is danger over there。”
Li Tianchou nodded and said,“I am also worried about Xiao Liu and others,But it’s over,No way。”Implication,Everyone who wants to go back?Can’t deprive them of the right to see Uncle Geng at this time??
Zhu Lei shook his head,He is the same,I hope Uncle Geng can hold on for a while,So that everyone can meet。