Older people should start exercising slowly

Older people should start exercising slowly

If you want to be healthy, exercise is indispensable. It is the same for older friends. Scientific health requires us to pay attention to all aspects of life. Health care is definitely not a one-off event. We want to do a good job in health protection.It is very important for the elderly to use sports health care. We hope that old friends can follow a step-by-step approach when exercising.

  Physical exercise for the elderly needs to follow certain rules. For example, the selection of suitable sports activities for the elderly should not be selected for speed and strength sports such as walking, jogging, tai chi, qigong, health exercises, swimming and other projects.

  Older people are more fragile. If you want to exercise, you need to have some degrees. What are the requirements for physical exercise for the elderly?

  (1) To abide by the principle of gradual and orderly: Before physical exercise, physical examination must be strictly carried out, and exercise stress test should be carried out. When starting exercise, the amount of exercise should be small and gradually increase until effective strength and effective time are reached.

  (2) Selecting sports activities suitable for the elderly: The elderly should not choose speed and strength sports such as walking, jogging, Tai Chi, Qigong, health exercises, swimming and other projects.

  (3) Strengthen medical supervision during exercise: prevent excessive fatigue or accidental injury.

If the jogging speed can not be too fast, one can avoid joint sprains, and secondly, prevent angina caused by hypoxia.

You can run, alternate, breathe naturally when you run, slow and rhythmic movements, avoid doing suffocating or excessively powerful movements.

After exercise, if you achieve a comfortable heart, happy spirit, mild fatigue, good appetite and sleep, stable pulse, normal blood pressure, indicating appropriate exercise, good health, and can continue to exercise.

If you have headache after exercise, chest tightness, heartbeat discomfort, loss of appetite, poor sleep, obvious fatigue and tiredness, indicating that the amount of exercise is too large, you should adjust or temporarily stop a row of time.

Older people can use the immediate pulse and recovery time after exercise to control the amount of exercise.

Generally, the age of 170 is used. This formula is the pulse standard immediately after exercise, and should not exceed 110 beats/min.

And can return to the pulse level before exercise within 5-10 minutes after exercise.

  (4) During the daily physical exercise, the elderly must remember that exercise also needs to maintain their normal life.

At the same time, pay attention to the reasonable mix of nutrition in the three meals of life, eat more easily digestible food.

Quit smoking, drink less alcohol or stop drinking to develop a good life and eating habits.

  A step-by-step approach is very useful for many things. You can’t be eager to do anything. You can’t do things that you can’t do, and you can’t protect your health.