Know your limited intelligence

Know your limited intelligence

Knowing your limited intelligence, you must not read the philosophical psychological story.


Simple joy There is a little girl who walks from school to school every day.

The weather was not very good one morning, the clouds gradually thickened, and the wind blew more in the afternoon, and soon there was lightning, thunder, and heavy rain.

The little girl’s mother is very worried, she is worried that the little girl will be scared by thunder and even hit by thunder.

Thunderstorms are getting bigger and bigger, lightning is like a sharp sword piercing the sky, the little girl’s mother hurriedly drove her car, changed the route to school to find a little girl, and saw her little daughter walking alone in the street.On the top, she found that every time she lightning, she stopped and looked up and smiled.

After watching it for a long time, my mother finally couldn’t help but call her child and asked her, ‘What are you doing?

‘She said: ‘God just took pictures of me, so I have to laugh!


Losing and owning an entrepreneur with amazing achievements in the mall.

When he reached his peak in his career, he accompanied his father one day to a noble restaurant location, where a violinist with a violinist was playing for everyone.

While listening to this, the leader remembered that he had studied piano before, and almost crazy, he said to his father: ‘If I used to learn the piano, I might play here now.

‘Yes, child,’ his father replied, ‘but that’s the case, you won’t be replaced here now.

‘Meditation: We often sigh for lost opportunities or achievements, but often forget the gratitude for what we have now.


Knowing his limited ‘smart’ has a clever boy, one day his mother took him to the grocery store to buy things. When the boss saw this lovely child, he opened a can of candy and asked the little boy to take a candy.

But the boy did not have any movements.

After several invitations, the boss personally grabbed a large candy into his pocket.

When I got home, my mother asked the little boy very curiously. Why didn’t I grab the candy myself and ask the boss to catch it?

The little boy answered very well: ‘Because my hand is small!

The boss’s hand is bigger, so he must take a lot more than I took!

‘Meditation: This is a smart child. He knows his own limited, and more importantly, he also understands that others are better than themselves.

It is a kind of humility and a kind of intelligence to learn not only by one’s own strength but also to rely on others in a timely manner.


The art of listening to the famous American host “Linkelet” visited a child one day and asked him: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

‘Children’s naive answer: ‘Well.
I want to be the driver of the plane!

Linklet then asked: ‘If one day, your plane flies over the Pacific Ocean and all engines are turned off. What do you do?

‘The little one thought for a moment: ‘I will tell the person sitting on the plane to tie the seat belt first, then I will hang up my parachute and jump out.

‘When the audience at the scene laughed, Linklet continued to look at the child and wanted to see if he was a smart guy.

Unexpectedly, then the two lines of the child burst into tears, which made Lin Kleite realize that the child’s grief is far from being able to describe it.

So Linklater asked him, ‘Why do you want to do this?

‘The child’s answer reveals a child’s sincere thought: ‘I’m going to get fuel, I’m coming back!

‘‘I’m coming back!


When you hear someone talking. Do you really understand what he meant?

Do you understand?

If you don’t understand, please listen to others. This is the ‘listen art’. Don’t listen to half of it.
2 Also, don’t project your own meaning to what others say.

The revelation of the walk God gave me a task, asking me to take a snail to go for a walk.

I can’t go too fast, the snail has tried to climb, and I always move a little bit each time.

I urged it, I licked it, I blamed it, the snail looked at me with a sorry look, as if to say: ‘The people have done their best!

‘I pull it, I pull, I even want to kick it, the snail is hurt, it is sweating, panting, it is strange to climb forward, why did God ask me to take a snail to go for a walk?

Oh, God!


‘The sky is quiet.


Maybe God went to catch the snail!


Let go!

Anyway, God doesn’t care, what do I still care about?

Let the snail climb forward, I am sulking in the back.


I smell the flowers, there is a garden here.

I felt the breeze blowing, and the wind in the night was so gentle.


I heard the sound of birds, I heard the insects, I saw the stars in the sky more beautiful.

How did you not have these experiences before?

I suddenly remembered, is it that I got it wrong!

It turned out that God called the snail to take me for a walk.

Have you found your snail?

Occasionally go for a walk!


你真的可以很自在  米兰昆德拉有一本书叫‘生活在他方’,我对这五个字有很好的联想,我们的生活总是在远方,都在想:如果明天我有钱,then I can…….

But if you are making less money and unhappy now, even if you have more money, I promise you will not be happy; if you are alone, you will not be happy, even marry someone, marry your wife, othersYou are not happy together; if you don’t know how to live now, you won’t enjoy life in the future.

Some people ask what is freedom. The so-called freedom is: You want to reject a person’s date. You don’t need any reason. You have the right to live the life you want to live and have the power to go where you want to go.

In fact, life is very simple.

Men and women like to set a deadline in their own life. For example: I must be married at the age of 25, a child must be born at the age of 26, a man and a woman must be at the age of 30, and must have a house when she is 31, soA lot of decisions are sloppy.

If you just started the person you are looking for, it’s not right. If you don’t work hard in the future, sometimes we will feel the marriage, and all the problems will be gone. If there is still a problem with the marriage, then the child will be born.In a lifetime, your problem is not solved at this stage, it will only become bigger in the next stage; you don’t have to look forward to too much in the future, expect too much. To be honest, the frustration will be deep, it is better to see what you are doing now,It will make you feel very selfish and absorb a lot of things. At that time, you will feel that life is really fulfilling.

In addition, if a person is too hard to show it to others, it will be very painful. If you believe that you have done a good job today and don’t care how others see you, you can really be comfortable.