However, the dog hybrid also took a few interest in vain,Washing into a group,Pose with a fairly yoga,Resist pressure。

This posture is not only beneficial to dispersing pressure.,It is also here to further understand the yin and yang.——As its internal force“Inflammation”,It is the extreme yin、Suddenly one,At this time, the dog hybrid is also more and more understanding to this.。
From the original yin and yang,Gradually conversion to no、No need……
The cold is very wise,This thing you are entangled,Obviously there is no meat,But gradually feels slipping without slipping,Some volumes do not move,Ate“foreign body”,Sudden burning at the beginning,Then, but the snake is comfortable.。
at this time,The Chu Deirers in the abdomen are still a hot,It’s actually ignorant,Towards“outside”Tour is nearly one foot!
Cold, busy, rehabilitation,However, Chu Deer finally left its largest position.。
This cold is completely anger.,Decided unless the abdomen,Otherwise it will never start。
Chu Deirers are taken out“Solitary sword”,I will force myself to myself.,A sword is piercing into his blood!
Even if it is internal,Very tough,Original Chu Deirers may not be able to puncture……
But with this,Yin and yang collapsed dog hybrid,At this time, from Dantian’s internal power explosion,The impact is the cold and can’t help it.,One of the lack of inner,Chu Deiren took the opportunity to swim!
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 892 August 26
And said,Chu Deirers in the cold belly,Hundreds of means……
Each is a sudden change in means,Come to the cold,Then take the opportunity to“Swim”。
But even so,Chu Deirers have also been a little bit!
Don’t look at it,Your own look should be extremely miserable,I went to the leather.,And it is also an instead of fever, blood burns muscles——Affected by this blood,Chu Deirers feel that their flesh is melting。
more importantly,Chu Dee people not only can’t breathe,Moreover, the coldness of the cold is constantly coming to you.。
Chu Deirers can congenital interest,But the innate fetus is also to run the true gas.,Chu Deirers in order to defend damage,I have already running the throne to the ultimate……
Fortunately, Chu Deirers also understand several ways to resolve foreign arrogance.,Whether it is a cold blood、Still cold to myself,They have been used by Chu Deirers!
But the cold weather is too high.、Blood is also too overbearing,Chu Deirers can’t completely resolve,Accumulate,Now I have a touch of hurts.。
But under the inside and outside,The cold is also getting weak……
At this time, although the dog hybrid can no longer make the artificial sky,But waving a single knife,But also illusion,As if there is really golden、For use。
After a long time with the cold,by《Golden uk knife》,In the back neck part of the cold,Drawn a charred blood!
Chu Deirers are here,Although it has also been impacted,But the surrounding pressure is scattered,At the same time, the cold is also scattered.,I quickly took the opportunity to continue,The cold throat seems to be more like a weakness.,Did not continue to apply to Chu Deirers,But the situation is a cough,Mid half of the clothes,The flesh and blurred Chu Deirers spit out。
At the same time, I also spit out a big blood.,Chu Deirens and dog hybrids instantly take out big porcelain bottles,All collected some……
at the same time,Chu Deirers although the whole body is hot,However, it is still awkwardly,The momentum is inadvertent,From the gas machine,Also don’t escape。
Dog hybrid is equally powerful,Horizontal knife looks more cold after vomiting blood,Cold huge snake,It also reflects the appearance of the two,Hesitate,Then gradually retranscape back。
At this time, the sun has been completely coming out.,Day is already bright。
I can’t see the cold,Chu Deirers fainted directly……
In fact, just the Chu deer is in the use of mental secrets.,at this time“Taoine release bad”Have broken through,The tire absorbs enough to take enough,It’s time to change back.。
“Two brother!”Dog hybrid,Finally in the ear。
Then the Chu Deirens lost their consciousness.……
When I woke up again,Already in warm indoors,whole body……Also warm,Chu Deirers looked up and looked at the arm.,Although a movement is still a pain,But the whole body has already hit the linen bandage!
Including the face is also thorough,The same layer of thin cotton cloth is also available at the eyes.,More thinner than elsewhere。
As a result,Chu Deirers can also see the outside。
I don’t know what medicine is.,Chu Deirers“body”God,Can feel exactly,Your flesh is rapidly regenerating……