Xia Jiangang took a shower,I heard a slight knock on the door,Just opened the door,Zhao Hong squeezed in,Xia Jian asked in surprise:“You are not going to take a bath?”

“Can’t wash here?”Zhao Hongbai gave Xia Jian a look,Two of them took off their coats,Walked into the bathroom with nothing but underwear,Xia Jian’s eyes are almost straight。
Woman taking a bath,Xia Jian has taught,Much longer than men。He doesn’t care,Watch TV,Xia Jian lay down on the soft big bed,Turned on the TV,This time,There are really no good shows to watch,Xia Jian is tuning the channel,Suddenly the phone on the bedside beeped twice。
Hey!All this point,Someone texted him,Isn’t this a joke??If usually,He might be asleep,What’s the use of texting,Xia Jian thought this way,But I took a look at the phone。
Xia Jian surprised,He couldn’t help but straighten up,The text message was sent by Li Na,She’s a real goddamn,At dinner tonight,I happened to worry about her,Unexpectedly, she actually sent a text message at this time,Is she a god?Xia Jian hesitated,Still opened the text message。
“President Xia!I’m here8106room,help me!Never call the police”Xia Jian took a look at the text message,I was so shocked that I jumped off the bed,What’s the situation,It’s right to find the police if you have a problem,Why are you looking for me?I am not a policeman。
Xia Jian thought,Hurriedly put on clothes,He analyzed the meaning of this text message。One,Li Na has seen him live on the eighth floor of the Convenience Hotel,two,Li Na’s current danger doesn’t want the police to know,So this time,Sent him this text message。
I figured it out,Xia Jian quickly left the room,Look for it in the passage by the house number,8106Just around the corner,When I was about to knock on the door,He couldn’t help but think of what the text message said“help me”This shows that Li Na has been controlled,She would not be able to open the door by herself,This is bad。
Thought of here,Xia Jian turned back,Take the elevator to the first floor,Two steps to the front desk,Said to the waitress who was dozing off:“please8106Give me the room card”
“Sorry Mr. Xia,8106The guest took the room card”The waitress yawned and said。
Xia Jian asked:“If there is something urgent,How do you get in?”
“We have one here,But can’t give you,This is the hotel policy,Trouble Mr. Xia understands”The waitress takes a bite, Mr. Xia,It’s not inaccurate。
Xia Jianyi,So he called Yao Junli,The phone rang for a while,Yao Junli’s lazy voice came from inside,at this time,She might be asleep。
“Handsome boy,Call in the middle of the night,Can’t you sleep thinking about sister??Come here!I happen to be alone”Yao Junli was laughing on the phone。
Xia Jian smiled,He lowered his voice and said:“A friend of mine is in your hotel8106room,She texted me,What trouble may be encountered,Tell your service staff,Give me the room card for this room”
“Mischief,Call the police if there is a problem,You are not a policeman,What can you do”Yao Junli yelled loudly on the phone。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but get angry,Raised the voice:“She won’t let the police,Why am I looking for you??”
Yao Junli said on the phone:“Must pay attention to safety,Can’t let the hotel security follow you”