“But now,Actually said so much,It doesn’t matter at all。”

See here,Wang Teng quickly stepped forward and started to deal with it。
After all, it looks like Wang Teng,these people,Actually it’s nothing at all。
And originally,These menacing,Want to clean up Wang Teng。
Result now,They discovered,Wang Teng’s toughness,It just made them completely unexpected。
“These ones,Why is it so strong?”
“Who said no,But from now on,How to deal with this,I think this thing is coming very well。”
“But from the current point of view,Next,How should we solve it??”
Now,Those around,I didn’t forget to say here。
obviously,Such a thing,What should I do?。
Actually just these problems,It’s not easy。
And when I see this,Actually from now on,These things,How to solve it。
Just these problems,It makes people feel,It’s still quite tricky。
“This guy,How could it be so strong?”
“Could it be that,Let’s just accept it directly?”
Hong Tian looked in front of him subconsciously,The more so。
Actually these problems,For Hong Tiandu,It’s very interesting。
“but,You are strong,But in front of me,It doesn’t count at all。”
“But now,Is it useful to talk so much nonsense to you?”
It looks like in Hongtian,Since now,I have decided what to do with this,Then we must solve it to the end。