Baby should not eat 7 kinds of food on an empty stomach

Baby should not eat 7 kinds of food on an empty stomach

Baby’s gastrointestinal function is relatively fragile, so parents need to pay more attention to the baby’s diet.

Generally babies have the habit of eating less and eating more, so mothers should prepare some food for the baby at any time.

However, some foods should not be consumed on an empty stomach, otherwise it will affect the baby’s health.

Let’s take a look at 7 foods that your baby should not eat on an empty stomach.


Milk Everyone knows that milk contains a lot of protein and is rich in nutrition, so when the baby is hungry, he likes to give the baby a glass of milk, but fasting is not suitable for milk.

Because the protein in milk is converted into heat energy and consumed, it can not play a role in nutrition and nourishment.


Soymilk Soymilk, like milk, does not provide any nutritional and nourishing effect when added on an empty stomach.

Moms can garnish their children with snacks, bread or flour, or drink two hours after a meal, or accept it before bedtime.


Sugar Sugar is a food that is very easy to digest and absorb. A lot of sugar is eaten on an empty stomach. The human body cannot secrete enough insulin to maintain the normal value of blood sugar for a short period of time. Sudden rise in blood sugar can easily cause eye diseases.

And sugar is an acidic food, eating sugar on an empty stomach will destroy the body’s acid-base balance and the balance of various microorganisms, which is not good for your baby’s health.


Banana Banana has metabolized magnesium elements. The complications of eating bananas on an empty stomach are that the magnesium in the human body suddenly rises and disrupts the magnesium-calcium balance in the human blood. It has an inhibitory effect on the cardiovascular system and is not good for your health.


Although sweet potatoes can achieve a good filling effect, they contain tannins and gums, which can stimulate the stomach wall to secrete more gastric acid and cause discomfort such as heartburn.

So do not give your baby sweet potatoes on an empty stomach.


Persimmons, tomatoes, persimmons, and tomatoes all contain a large amount of pectin and tannic acid, which chemically react with gastric acid to form gel blocks that are difficult to dissolve and easily form stomach stones.

So it is not suitable for fasting.


Oranges Oranges contain a large amount of organic acids, fruit acids, which are consumed on an empty stomach, causing a surge in gastric acid, causing adverse irritation to the gastric mucosa, causing stomach fullness, belching, and spitting acid water.