2021 Mausoleum hopes project to help rural revitalization of dreams to start donation nearly 760,000

Love business donated money to school. (Organizer for map) ceremony, Country Garden Hainan Regional donated 500,000 yuan to participate in the 2021st Water Hope Project to help rural revitalization of dreams, and donate more than 10,000 yuan with their respective 7 companies and individuals. In addition, party members, teachers and other love people also participated in fundraising by online, in line, as of now, Lingshui, the dream of the dream, raising, paying a total of about 760,000 yuan. "Thanks to all of these love companies participating in the dream operation, this donation highlights the social responsibility of the company, and also let the children feel the warmth of the society.

Li Wenjia, deputy secretary of the Qing Dynasty, Lingshi Miao Autonomous County, expressed his gratitude to Country Garden and other love companies and love people. According to reports, the hopes of hopes to help rural revitalization of dreams, they will be used for funding to enter the university school door. Excellent poverty students, requiring application for high-profile families with hopes to support funding, must be a low-income group in rural or urban, with low-cost households, and high-funded college students who have major diseases or other major crosses overhead.

The number of candidates applying for the "Hainan Assistance Network" applications this year will be 138, and the future will ensure that efforts can be assisted to poor students and families through strict auditing materials, family visits, background surveys.

"We want to help low-income families to complete the university studies, live better life, and hopes to vent the seeds in their hearts in their hearts.

"As a representative of the love company, Jiang Liyuan, the head of the Eastern Development of the Country Garden, said that in addition to participating in the Wenshui 2021 hopes to work in the project, as of July this year, Country Garden Hainan region has carried out 28 public welfare projects in Lingshui, donation 3602 Wan Yuan, which involves a lot of content such as love student, beautiful rural planning and construction. It is understood that more than staying in Lingshui, in 2011 Country Garden, in Qionghai, Baisha, Londo, Lin Haoxian County to carry out beautiful All kinds of projects such as rural and industrial support, as of July this year, 110 public welfare support projects, the amount of donation is 100 million yuan, directly benefiting the population, and the population is about 1.13 million.

In the future, the Country Garden Hainan region will continue to invest in the industrial revitalization, beautiful rural construction. (Editor: Lu Shaoxiong, Xi Xiuqin) Sharing let more people see client downloads.