Shanghai News Shanghai Tianwen Museum "Pavilion Cooperation" project started

Morning News reporter Shadow, developing a group of museum courses, training a group of science and technology innovation teachers, cultivating a group of innovative students … November 10, Shanghai Tianwen Museum and Shanghai Middle School Dongcai, Pearl, Higgang Primary School, Qibao Middle School, Middle School, South Middle School, Nanhui Middle School, Fudan Addition, Yangxi Chrysanthemum School, Mingqiang Primary School, Wen Xing Road Primary School 10 primary and middle schools, officially launched 2022-2024 "Collaboration" projects.

Under the "Double Reduction" policy, build a resource sharing platform, from the end of 2015, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum was supported by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, launched the "Sports to Improve Technical Teachers and Students’ Ability". "

Shanghai Tianwen Museum opened on July 18 this year, after several careful preparations.

Shanghai Tianwen Pavilion actively explores the resources sharing platform between science and school education under the "Double Reduction" policy, relying on astronomical characteristics and rich exhibition education resources, further build a variety of formal collaborative models, vigorously promoting science and technology, culture and The organic integration of quality education, fully promoting the improvement of the scientific and cultural literacy and innovation capabilities, and helps "double minus" to land.

Previously, the Tianwen Museum has launched a series of wonderful online-go education activities. As September 16th, the Tianwen Museum invited "big coffee" in the field of Kuguang to enter the Shanghai Tianwen Museum, a guest Bund Education Forum, explaining the scientific story behind the net red exhibits, revealing the development of the China Aerospace industry.

On September 28th, the Tianwen Science Teacher has brought the theme "Outside the first teacher school, the teacher" of the first nature school. "The outside is too beautiful – follow the astronauts embracing the star", and the museum also sent a lesson. Schools, a total of more than 400 people benefit.

The large-scale art of the Chinese and foreign sculptor appeared in the Shanghai Tianwen Museum opened in July this year, and many new highlights were added in just months.

Recently, a set of large-scale art devices represented by stainless steel sculpture "gravitation" appeared in Shanghai Tianwen Museum.

The most representative is "gravitational" standing in the stainless steel sculpture of the Outside the Tianwen Center, which is created by the Japanese artist Tian Zhengzhi, 11 meters diameter, 10 meters height, consisting of 12 mirror stainless steel elliptical spheres.

They are attracted to each other, which seems to be shot from four weeks, but it seems that another force pulls them to the center, forms a stable balance structure, which is designed to express the interaction relationship between cosmic space. When the viewer walks into the sculpture, the surrounding environment, people, the image is projected in the stainless steel mirror, and is also part of the workspace. "String" is the first sculpture of AnthonyHowe in China, which is named after the moon in the Chinese lunar calendar, the movement of the satellite (moon), planet (Earth), star (sun) ( Sports itself and its rays) take it out and manifest as a new dynamic sculpture. The dynamic part of the work will adjust the speed due to the light and shade, and the metaphor of the moon is formed because the moon is formed by reflecting sunlight in different locations.

When the blade rotates, countless spot is shot in the surroundings, very wonderful.

"Star – birth, bright, bright, bright, bright, bright," using large paint, powder, redwood, cinnabar and some mineral pigments and elements, using Tanpera painting techniques, plotting star nuclear fusion Reaction (birth), continuous burning (bright), and collapse process (air off), it is also true that it is also true. Japanese Artist Howit Minta’s work "The universe" is extremely simple, abstract lines and forms express invisible universe, let people think about understanding, gain more free development space.

The mirror stainless steel material reflects the various light of the surrounding environment, such as the universe constantly absorbing the light of the star, plus the surface of the uneven fluctuations, producing a change of glasses, and inspiring more effort. "The speed of light" is a work of American Artist Micheleokadoner. It is located at the entrance to the "Home" exhibition area of ??the Tianwen Museum, which creates a typhoon that stepping into Astronomical Science Exploration.

A large number of light styles in relief make people think that the weather is inhaled, the entrance is like a camera lens, narrowing the aperture, reduces the static interference caused by daily activities, making the focus can be concentrated on the exhibition.

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