Chen Erniu wiped his sweat,said laughingly:“You go back!There is nothing wrong with me and Sanhu staring,You let Sister Zhao run around like this,Tired“

Also,Just for this call,Zhao Hong goes to the West River two or three times a day,Although not very far,But it takes time to go back and forth。Xia Jian thought of this,Then turned around and walked to the village with Zhao Hong。
Zhao Hong today,Wearing a red shirt,White jeans,On my feet are a pair of washed and whitish sneakers,Neat and tidy。Jet black hair,The fluffy bunch is thrown behind my head,Xia Jian couldn’t help but walk away。
“what happened?Isn’t it ugly”Zhao Hong asked with a smile。
Xia Jian paused and said:“Not ugly,But it’s so good,You look better than other movie stars”Xia Jian thought so,So the same is true。
Zhao Hongyi listen,Full of joy,Her head lowered,Leave Xia Jian alone,Ran towards the village committee。
Xia Jiangang sat down,The phone on the desk rang,Xia Jian said to Zhao Hong:“Except for Ouyang Hong’s phone,The rest,Which sentence,Xia Jian never returned to Xiping Village”
Zhao Hong helplessly shook his head,Grabbed the phone“Hey!”With a,So he passed the phone,Xia Jian thought,Whoever wants to come,Really Ouyang Hong。
“Hello Mayor Ouyang!”Xia Jian asked happily。
Ouyang Hong on the phone smiled and said:“Congratulations, Chief Xia,I heard that the water diversion project in your village is about to be completed,Are you thinking of celebrating?”
“Hi!What to celebrate,This water logically,It’s time to introduce the village,You will be laughed at if you say it”Xia Jian said modestly to the phone。
Ouyang Hong paused and said:“I think what you think,But the new Secretary Li must do this,Reported it to the city,The city leaders don’t take this seriously,Xiping Village should be regarded as a model village,Ready to promote in surrounding towns,You are going to be a celebrity”
Ouyang Hong on the phone giggled while talking,Xia Jian did not expect,Such a poor village,What to model for others,Beautiful appearance,Empty inside。
Xia Jian hesitated and said:“How do you decide,How do we come,Who made you the leader“
“Ok!Then you guys get ready,Time is set,Call me in advance“Ouyang Hong hung up after speaking。
Zhao Hong sees Xia Jian’s mood is not high,And asked with a smile:“What’s wrong with you?Finished a call,People have become boring gourds“
“I really convinced these leaders,Just like our village,What more model,Isn’t this ugly?“Xia Jian said angrily。
Zhao Hong smiled,Pour Xia Jian a glass of water,Then said softly:“You!This temper has changed,Now that the leaders are interested in our village,Let’s prepare for a while。You said we run the poverty alleviation fund,See the Water Resources Bureau,Which is not supported by other leaders,Now it’s time for us to support the work of other leaders“
Hey!This is a bit level,No matter what you do,How can you do without paying,It seems that Zhao Hong considers the problem better than herself,Become a model village,Would it be easier to run a project,Thought of here,Xia Jian was not in a beautiful mood,Suddenly it was cloudless again。