“Ok!I’ll take care of you。You send your relevant procedures to Lu Xiuli in Donglin Building”Hu Huiru finished,Hung up。

Wang Youcai’s excited fists,Yelled:“and also!”He is so happy,did not think of,His trick is so effective。It seems his second brother Wang Youdao is still a bit prestigious,Otherwise Hu Huiru won’t help him。
Doctor Lu was so happy to see Wang Youcai,He laughed and said:“I look down on you。See you soon!If a man is weak,,Have no confidence in anything”
“Hahahaha!you’re right。I’m going to give strong medicine this time,Let me get better soon,You don’t need me to tell you the truth”Wang Youcai laughed,Stretched his hand over。
Doctor Lu pressed two fingers on Wang Youcai’s wrist,Closed his eyes。Wang Youcai sat quietly,Dare not say a word。After the number, the left hand and the right hand,Wait for the left and right hands to finish。Doctor Lu just opened his eyes。
“You are vertical.Excessive desire,Recurrence of old disease caused by insufficient renal power。You have to listen,Pay attention to everything。Don’t treat your body like this anymore,Otherwise follow yours,Less than fifty,You definitely can’t”
Dr. Lu said,And started writing a prescription。Wang Youcai thought,I’m in my thirties,I will be happy for about 20 years。As for reaching fifty,It’s okay,Anyway, these few years must work。
“Three pairs for one course,These medicines are a little expensive,You have to take it well。After drinking,I will change the soup according to your actual situation。remember,Never have intercourse during the medication”Doctor Lu looked serious。Wang Youcai couldn’t help but nodded。
Pack the prescription,Wang Youcai let Doctor Lu find his ID,And doctor’s card。And some qualification certificates obtained by Dr. Lu。Don’t look at this old man,Still quite knowledgeable。His documents are not one or two,But more than ten。
Xia Jian found a bag to put all these things in,When preparing to leave。Doctor Lu spoke:“Hey!You have to find a place to open a clinic, right?!Otherwise, where do you get your business license?”
“Yes indeed!Still thoughtful of your old man。So, have we settled the house matter first??”Wang Youcai said to Doctor Lu with a smile。
Doctor Lu stood up,After sealing the fire,Then he said to Wang Youcai with his hands behind his back:“I thought of a place for you last night,I will take you to see now”
Doctor Lu took Wang Youcai out of his alley,Turn east for fifty or sixty meters,It’s a six-story building just built。The shop on the first floor is completely renovated,The door is advertised for rent。
Doctor Lu looked at Wang Youcai and said:“Opening a clinic is the same as doing other businesses。The first is that your clinic should have a good location,Everyone can see when they pass by”
“This place is a Shi’an intersection,Surrounded by residential areas。Except for a few old communities,The newly developed are all commercial housing。So this place doesn’t look great right now,If another year or two,That is a very lively place”
A few words from Doctor Lu,Surprised Wang Youcai。He really didn’t expect,This person has such a high-level mind,It’s a bit of a shame。But he can stand up again,It’s also his Wang Youcai’s eyes。
“Ok!You are too right。Let’s rent all the three middle rooms”Wang Youcai nodded,Said with a smile。
Doctor Lu,Asked a little surprised:“Three rooms?Too big!We open a clinic,Not open a mall,Really can’t use that big place。Moreover,The annual rent for these three rooms is not small!”
“Nothing!Since it’s going to open,Let’s open the largest private clinic in Pingdu。look!An office where your doctor sits。The other two,Chinese medicine,A room for western medicine。Isn’t this just fine!”Wang Youcai said,Walked over with Doctor Lu。