“Three,come in。”Said the burly man。“Introduce yourself,I am the external deacon of the Black Dragon Mountain branch of the Virtual Universe Company,Ming Yu。”

Li Ming、flood、Thor three are not afraid,Step directly into this meditation room。
And when the three of Li Ming left,They are already external members of the Black Dragon Mountain branch of the virtual universe company。
Become an external member of the Black Dragon Mountain branch of the Virtual Universe Company,Although the benefits are definitely not as many as internal members,But there is not much obligation。
And really need to talk about the benefits,In the teaching of some secrets,Li Ming is not lacking,And although the secrets of the virtual universe company must be far beyond the line of Meteorite,But only the Black Dragon Mountain branch cannot give too good a。Instead, it was given by the Virtual Universe CompanysThe blood type evolution agent has a great effect on the three。
After all, the three of them talk about blood,Are all very ordinary people of terrestrial descent,Normal grown-up Earthlings can’t even reach the apprentice level。And some powerful human populations in the universe,Those who naturally become domain owners after adulthood。
The talent of the three is more‘Savvy’,Of course, Li Ming’s talent in the breadth of the brain is also very exaggerated。But the trio of blood is relatively low,It actually brings a lot of difficulties to practice。
ThissType blood evolution agent can improve the blood of three people。This elevated lineage,Is equivalent to practicing‘houses’Strengthened the foundation,The future practice will be faster。
The improvement of the strength of the three of Li Ming has opened up a large level of other warriors on the earth.,There are reasons for this。
Of course more importantly,Since then, the three of Li Ming and others have also gotten on the thickest thigh of the Virtual Universe Company.,Although only external members,But that is also an external member of the virtual universe company。Even if it’s not a virtual universe company,The burly man Mingyu alone has big thick legs,After all, it is a very strong two-star universe mercenary among the domain masters。
If in the future there is an irresistible opponent,Can go for help。Although the current status and strength of the three of them may be disdainful。But as the strength of the three increases,Status will naturally improve,Even a domain master-level powerhouse will definitely value it。
Eleven years later,Black Dragon Mountain Star Field,Nangus Galaxy,Bluestone Star’s Mercenary Alliance Station,The most central location in the blackwater world。
“Babata,Are you sure the other party is likely to retaliate??”Li Ming frowned,Asked“Babata, you told me before,In this cosmic mercenary alliance assessment,Is it generally impossible to get revenge for a normal fight??”。
“I also said。Yes‘general’what!”Babata is also a little helpless:“Experience of the strong,Originally, it was to be between life and death。Normal big forces cultivate elites,Will definitely die most of the time。Normally train disciples, if you die in the life and death experience, you must take revenge,Then these big forces and organizations will never retaliate for the death of the cultivated elites during their experience.,This is almost a hidden rule。And those idle constant star powerhouses naturally have no ability to retaliate。”
“But the prince you just killed,It’s not that a major force sends a sharpened elite,But a prince of the first civilization of the universe, the Nangus Empire,More importantly, there is a domain master-level strong behind this prince!”Babata’s tone is a bit weird。
“If it refers to the elites cultivated by major forces,The forces behind will naturally not erupt。And this guy is a very favored offspring of that domain master,Naturally different。”Babata、“That’s why I worry,The forces behind him are highly likely to retaliate。”
“Babata,you sure?”Li Ming always thinks what Babata hides。
“I am very sure!”Babata said seriously:“Li Ming,Now we can’t bear the revenge of a domain master。Although it’s impossible for the domain master in this black water world to come in for revenge,It’s impossible to even send a cosmic powerhouse in。But the other party can send a large number of constant star warriors to come in to encircle you,Or just squat outside the assessment point。”
“Your current strength,Very strong among constant stars,But facing the encirclement and suppression of the constant star army or the cosmic power,You don’t have much resistance right now。”