“Give me a gift?”

Chen Xiu was surprised,Who wants to give himself such a gift?Strange book
The coachman came over and said:“Chen Ye,I’m on the order of my family’s helper,Specially sent a car of 30-year-old wines,A cart of silk and satin,A cart of coins。”
“Who is your family leader?”
“Caravan Flax。”
It was him,Chen Xiu now understands,It is estimated that Hu Mazi was afraid of his own force to flatter himself。
“big cow。”
“Now that the Hu Gang master has some thoughts,So I took all the three cart gifts,To each family in the village!”
Daniel is second to that car of silk and copper coins,I’m already greedy for the drinks of that car,Can’t wait to shout to the coachman:“You all come with me!”
Daniel is taking the troika down,I saw Amao trotting over excitedly and shouted:“master,Someone gave you a gift!”
“Gift again?”
A Mao is following three bullock carts,A middle-aged man dressed as a housekeeper jumped from the first bullock cart,I trot over and said respectfully to Chen Xiu:“The little one has seen Lord Chen in person,A cart of bacon specially delivered to my host noodles、A car of thirty years of fine wine、A cart of coins。”
“Is your host Hu Li or Guo Baojun?”
Hu Mazi is already here,Chen Xiu thought it would only be these two people。
“My host is Guo Baojun。”
Chen Xiu nodded,To Amao:“Take it and distribute it to every household in the village。”