Eight reasons to refuse marriage

Eight reasons to refuse marriage

1. It seems that having children is a duty of yours.

Even if your husband says that he is not ready, he and your parents, the seventh aunt and the eight aunt will still look at you with freak eyes, and even married and educated people around you will be enthusiastic to tell you about parenting., As if you have to become a person in their circles!

  2. Originally, your dress was based on elle and miss60 or fornarina’s fashion photos, and even copied as it is. After marriage, the style turned into Ruili Yi style!

Worst of all, if you wore this, others would say “how do you dress like this, like a married woman!

“I look at you, and now I will say,” Oh, it’s really different. When you get married, you will become gentler . “3. The opposite half of you will try to change you, obviously a man with big waves and long hair.The wild girl is dressed up, and what Yage Shidan to wear.

And when everyone pointed out, they also made a sweet state: “Oh, there is no way, my husband likes it .” And so on, the situation also includes: oops he doesn’t like me to go out to play; oops he said to go to bed early at night; oops noHe likes children.

  4. The filthy head son likes it, he distributes the photos everywhere, and posts it on the forum where everyone can see it.

If it’s the kind of cute little baby that everyone wants to chat about, it’s okay, it just doesn’t have any characteristics, just a silly child.

  5. Feather dog is broken.

Especially newlyweds have this tendency.

All day on the women’s forum is: dinner with my husband / I just massaged my husband / her husband is playing a game. I’m watering the Internet / husband work really hard. What supplement is better . 6, diligence and frugality.

Before they got married, two people were lying in bed and they suddenly wanted to eat French / Japanese / Korean cuisine. After getting dressed, they took a taxi.

  Marriage begins to save: Otherwise, we just have to eat at home.

Otherwise, let’s cook a braised noodle today.

Some people even took three roads and thought that any restaurant was expensive, and they went to eat McDonald’s . and said happily to their friends: Ah, this is bland sweetness . 7, from shopping to cooking, this day after dayLabor can be crazy.

At 10 o’clock in the morning on Sunday, you started to hear the next table tennis table and start chopping vegetables. At 10:30 you smelled fried fish.

At 3 pm, we started to cook braised pork again . Why do people’s precious time wasted on cooking, not on sex?

  8. Arguing.

Running away from home was a joy and a matter of course. After marriage, it became a city chase: divorce?

Think about it, in fact, XX is still pretty good!

Daughter, you are married, not a child!