Biological Corridor: "The Bridge of Life" in a Guardian Biodiversity

Monitor Li Jiahong on the way to shoot in the biological corridor. Gao Ligong Mountain National Nature Reserve, Baoshan Management District Bureau for map "Villagers will not use electric kitchen utensils, we will enter the village, organize villagers to use rice cookers, induction cookers, etc., and issue prizes for winners, This drives villagers learn to use electric kitchenware.

"Now is Li Jiahua, deputy director of the Baishan Management Bureau of the National Nature Reserve, Gaoli, Mountain National Nature Reserve, has served as the first webmaster of the 赧 赧 管 护 站, promoted" electricity firewood ", and he spent a lot of thought.

Li Jiahong, who has served as the second webmaster of 赧 赧 管 护 站, likes "winding". During the work of the 赧 赧 管 管 站, he has to take a village in the village, and the villagers are often held, regardless of any topic, will eventually be introduced to the landslin and animal protection. Of course, light is not enough, and the necessary supervision deterrence measures cannot be absent. With the development of economic technology, the technology investment in the biological corridor is also more than a year. Among them, the infrared camera is a typical representative. After the infrared camera is put into use, the villagers outside the mountain have "eyes" in the mountains, and the villagers do not believe. When the staff of the management station went to the village to enter the village, when the ecological protection publicity was carried out, the photo of the villagers who took the infrared camera were put out, and the villagers immediately tried. "There is really ‘eye’, don’t go to harvest.

"The local people are in the mouth of the ear. Guardian – let the biological corridor belong to the students and the staff and forest staff of the mountain forest, the management station, and face the test of the work environment.

"At the beginning, the housing housing is very simple, just with the hollow bricks on the cotton tile.

There is also no power, and after dinner every day, sit on the fire in the fire.

"In 1997, after participating in the second year, Li Jiahua was arranged to arrange the newly established 赧 赧 管 护 站 站 站. He recalls that in the rainy season, the rain is mostly 3 months, the clothes are not dry, only Can be roast on the fire pond, everyone is a smoke.

So everyone go home every time, the wife will become fun: "If you have a fire, you will know that you will come back.

"However, the boring monotonous patrol work did not let Li Jiahua licked. With the help of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Kunming Botanical Research Institute, Li Heng to the Jurisdiction of the Department of Turana, Li Jiahua followed Li Heng to learn the plant name and Classification, in 1998, in 1998, Li Heng was successfully found in the bioeorid belt jurisdiction.