“Good good,I really can’t help you……”Lu Yi took the note,Turned and left Banta Village。

“Brother Jie Liao!Goodbye!”Liu Yun waved and shouted。
at this time,Lu Yi’s heart turned out to be worse than saying goodbye to Achilles,How could he not know what Liu Yun thought in her heart, who was only regarded as her sister……
Young,Lu Yi once did a lot of meaningless stupid things。
But this time,He has made up his mind,Never for anyone、Anything stops the pace of revenge。
Jingnan University of Science and Technology Hospital,302Ward。
Cao Anna, lying on the hospital bed, left behind to show“Lose the game”Phone,Sulking。
“Death Lu Yi,Stinky!Dare6Days have not come to see me,Is it itchy and wanting to fight?”
“Call sister Anna,Call sister Anna!Still can’t play?”Zhang Song sent a voice。
“Stop playing,Angry!I can’t win anyway!”
“what happened?Teacher,You miss master again?”Text from Zhang Song。
“Cough cough,Where did you say he went on leave?”Anna Cao couldn’t deny Zhang Song’s question,Can only divert the topic。
“I only know that Master’s holiday balance is already insufficient,but,It seems like I heard Master’s roommate said that he went home to sweep the grave……Is Master’s home in the northeast??It’s been almost a week since I went there……”Zhang Song replied。
“Yes,Almost a week……Do you think he met the gangster halfway?,Can’t come back?No way,No way……I’m going to find him……”Anna Cao said。
“Sister Anna,Don’t say it’s not convenient for you to get out of bed and walk,Even if it can come down,Also learn to be reserved,Reserved, understand??”Zhang Song quickly killed Cao Anna’s stupid thoughts。
“reserved?What is reserved?”Cao Anna asked with wide eyes。
“Reserved is……If you deliberately approach a girl,She will be shy,Will blush,But also avoid,Push you away……”Zhang Song began to teach the love theory he has learned from movies for many years。
“Push away?I’m afraid all of a sudden,Pushed him into the river……”Cao Anna doesn’t know her strength。