A middle-aged woman in her forties poked her head and glanced,She asked softly:“Xuan Xuan is here,Come into the house soon”Xia Jian casually glanced,I found that this woman looks very similar to Xiao Wei,She should be Dong Xuanxuan’s aunt。

Walk into the door,Dong Xuanxuan lowered his voice and asked:“Is Yueyue sick again?”
“Yes!Everything in the living room is almost finished,Your uncle is not here,I don’t know what to do?”Middle-aged woman talking,I lowered my head sadly。She may be too upset,Didn’t even realize the existence of Xia Jian。
Dong Xuanxuan hurriedly smiled and said:“Aunt,I invited Xia Hao,He should be able to cure his cousin’s illness”
“Oh!Sorry Mr Xia,Look like this at home,I’ve been made to have no master,I’m Xuan Xuan’s aunt Xiao Qian,Yueyue’s mother”Xiao Qian heard that Xia Jian had been invited by Dong Xuanxuan to treat her daughter,She was as happy as a drowning man caught a straw。
Xia Jian nodded,Did not say a word,But went straight to the living room。The broken teacup fragments scattered all over the living room,A woman in her twenties with disheveled hair,She is dressed in a thin pajamas,Rolling on the sofa with bare feet,Both hands kept clinging to the body,Looks extremely uncomfortable。
“Moon moon,Get up soon!Just bear with it,Xuan Xuan hired a doctor for you”Xiao Qian be careful,Speak softly。
Chao Yueyue, who was lying on the sofa, sat up suddenly,She glanced at Xia Jian like a torch,Roar loudly:“roll!What shit doctor,I don’t believe the doctor anymore”
“I am not a doctor,Have you seen a doctor like me?”Xia Jian suddenly said loudly。
Chaoyueyue stunned,Randomly sneered:“Do you care about me,You get out,I’m uncomfortable,Be careful i killed you”Chao Yueyue’s expression is a bit excited。
“She is really itchy,That’s why I treat you like this,Mr. Xia, please bear with me”Xiao Qian said embarrassedly。Xia Jian took a closer look at this woman,Although she is over forty years old,Looks handsome,What’s missing is dressing up,It might have been caused by this daughter。
Xia Jian didn’t say a word,But thought for a while,He said to Chao Yueyue:“I know you are very uncomfortable now,But you just let me show you,I will immediately make you itch”
“Take a look?Brag you”Chao Yueyue said,My hands slammed into the pajamas,I seem to be afraid that others will see an unsightly scene in her。
Xia Jian continued patiently:“I don’t brag,If i can’t let you stop itching,You can choose any way to retaliate against me”