I don’t know what I want to be misunderstood.,Mr. Weide is a play.!

And if you know,That will be very confident,Mr. Wide is acting……
After all, the granddaughter of the snowy mountain,And Chu Deirers are worshiping brothers,Bai is self-rescued by Chu Deirers,Now I have decided to join the Zhengzhou,Just not officially advertising the world。
If you encounter Yang Xia,Maybe it is not possible with the other party.,But face Xiao Zhao……
White is coming to actuating!
certainly,Snow Mountain Party will be on the western region,Things to university cooperation with Ming Education,Not acting。
I saw the original sword.,Three, five, divided, the second, the guest。
Other Yijun representatives,It also appreciates the influence of Ming Education and the Positive Anesson.。
And they don’t know,Xiao Zhaoguo is with everyone,Returning to the mountain,After picking up the knife from Zhixiong,Laughing smile slightly——Weight change!
Sure enough, Qi Xiong finally couldn’t bear the pressure.,Pseudo knife inside,Changed back to the true knife……
Although Zhou Xiong stopped,The teacher may not be difficult,But he didn’t dare to gamble——If it is not just a test,But Mingzhao has already mastered the evidence??Or Ming Gamble?
At least the point of view,Is it not intended?。
Afternoon,Chu Deiren got a message,Dragon Sword has been“deliver”Back。
“Wonderful, Rongrong!That week, he sang the Dragon Sherry.!”Chu Deirers can’t help but praise。
Wonderful,This“Test”Only Zhou Xiong is positive,What other people will not be noticeable?,Even if it is not what ZHIXI,He will not feel,This is Xiao Zhao to try him.……
For the praise of Chu Deirers,Huang Rong smiled,Not only,What is happy?。
“But how do you know Rongrong?,Zhou Xiong did?”Chu Deirers asked。
Huang Rong also only saw the basic information sent by Xiao Zhao.,The above is nothing special。
“West,Mr.Zhou。”Huang Rong said simple。
Chu Deirers are still unclear……
Huang Rong did not remind,Just said:“I gave a week, I went out.,You think about it first。”Huang Rong said,Take a good mood。
do not know why,Chu Deirens always have a feeling that she wants to bullish.……
“Rong Rong and the sister are very good?”Chu Deirers looked down on the wood。
Chu Dee people also wondered,Mu Yuqing is in the pub,I don’t see Rongrong to go to the appointment,Specially appointed Zhou Zirui,But……Good feelings,Not called“Circumscribed”Bar?
“Have it?I feel general。”Mu Yuqing said wrinkled the nose。
“What is it is general?……”A purple whispered a sentence。
The Chu Deiren did not say any purple this time.,Because……He also think so!
Although this aspect of the Chu deer is not sensitive,But I also faintly feel,Huang Rong and Zhou Ruo have some tats——Maybe Zhou Zi If there is a smart person?
Chapter 944 Boat
Over time, near December,Xu Wencheng also has more fun。
Under the supervision of the gas,Order in the city,People in the rivers and lakes contribute to an orderly manner“Taxation”……
Mind the righteousness of the gas——This is more than the grab.!