Embrace the new wave of AI investment

Embrace the new wave of AI investment

Original title: Embracing the new wave of AI investment AI building portfolios is quietly becoming a reality.

The reporter learned on the 5th that the Zshang intelligent industry preferred hybrid fund that is being issued has truly released AI investment, that is, to achieve the established investment goals through different levels of robots (models).

This is also an important breakthrough in the public fund industry.

  Zhashang Lei, the proposed fund manager of Zheshang’s smart industry preferred hybrid fund, said that Zshang’s AI investment method is a cross-domain investment technology between active mutual investment and conversion investment, using artificial intelligence methods to determine signal data for learning.The goal is to determine the optimization model and obtain the optimized model. This model is independent of each other and is known as the investment “little robot”.

  Zha Xiaolei pointed out that each robot is based on the idea or hypothesis of active investment, transforms the ideas that define expected returns and risks in quantitative investment, and implements model training and learning through various AI machine learning technologies.

From a technical point of view, quantitative and statistical techniques will be used, but the traditional quantitative investment techniques will not be changed.

And due to the rapid development of technology in the field of artificial intelligence, these small robots will iterate quickly and have their own evolutionary attributes.

  ”We divide the investment field into four quadrants according to whether they have been recognized and the degree of recognition. They are known, known, unknown, unknown, unknown, and unknown.
“Zha Xiaolei said,” In known and known fields, high probability machines can defeat people and replace people; in unknown and known fields, qualitative mining; in known and unknown fields, can be summarized and deductive research methods, Into the first quadrant, that is, the known and known fields; while in the unknown and unknown fields full of uncertainty, the boundaries of our AI methods and big data methods are not easily touched, but still through investment capabilities and investment technologiesDevelopment to continuously explore and narrow the scope of this field.

“Zhao Xiaolei said that the Zheshang Intelligent Industry Preferred Hybrid Fund will optimize the Sharpe rate as its robot training target, and strive to optimize the product income and risk levels at the same time, thereby significantly improving the investor holding experience.

This product AI investment robot has gradually learned more than 80 outstanding fund managers, more than 500 analysts and industry experts, more than 3,000 copies of industry fundamental data, and created more than 300 investment robots. In addition to the full coverage of assets, 四川耍耍网 you can alsoDynamically adapt to different market styles.

(Li Liang)