Precautions when using camphor pills

Precautions when using camphor pills

Camphor pill is a crude natural camphor tree; it is obtained by distilling camphor oil from the stems, roots, branches, and leaves of the camphor tree, and purifying it into white crystals.Crystals of “naphthalene” with a small amount of benzene dichloride added.

When using Bangnao Pills, the health ball should pay attention to the following points: (1) Synthetic fibers are not afraid of smashing insects, so it is not necessary to put camphor pills, and even health balls.

Because the sanitary ball is a highly volatile organic solvent, it can chemically react with the high molecular organic compounds in the synthetic fibers, damage the clothing, reduce the fiber strength, or melt the chemical fiber fabric into small holes.

  (2) Silk and wool clothes are susceptible to worms, so be sure to add camphor pills or sanitary balls when placing certain clothing.

However, the insect repellent cannot be in direct contact with clothes. It is best to wrap it with white paper or cloth and place it on the four corners of the suitcase or hang it on the closet.

Keep the collector’s light-colored silk clothing as small as possible or not put camphor pills and health balls, otherwise the clothes will turn yellow.

  (3) Clothing that has been exposed to camphor pills, hygiene balls, especially underwear, should be exposed to the sun before wearing to kill the benzene that has penetrated into the body because benzene is a toxic chemical raw material.Harmful to the human body.

  (4) If you want to remove the camphor smell from your clothes immediately, you can put the clothes in a plastic bag and put the deodorant used in the refrigerator at the same time, and tighten the mouth of the bag so that the camphor smell will soon disappear.

If you are not in a hurry to wear, just dry your clothes in the shade for a few days.