The stovepipe method is perfect for making beautiful legs

The stovepipe method is perfect for making beautiful legs

The temperature is getting warmer, the long legs of the street, the beautiful legs, is not very exciting for you.

Even more terrible is the excessive amount of stovepipe exercise, but those who have a plate-and-eye weight loss method can not see a little effect.

How is the stovepipe effective?

Below, Xiaobian collects the most amazing and practical stovepipe method for you, so that you can quickly have beautiful legs.

  ● Garlic + rice vinegar The most common skinny leg membrane legend in the legendary peas favorite, effective speed stovepipe method is to use that hot stovepipe cream!

Recently I heard that a lot of MM used a good effect, but more than 100 oceans are so a small tube of pepper stovepipe cream, many MM are hesitating!

Fortunately, after many explorations, I found this simple and practical DIY stovepipe film stovepipe method.

  Ingredients: 3 garlic, rice vinegar 20ml practice: garlic peeled and washed, mashed into a mud, add rice vinegar soak for 5 minutes.

  How to use: Wash the legs, spread the garlic juice evenly on the legs, wrap the plastic wrap, apply a hot towel, and wash the legs after 15-20 minutes.

  Efficacy: Eliminate excess sputum in the legs. Comments: Garlic is applied to the legs, and the legs will feel a little spicy, but with the acidity of rice vinegar, it can make the legs burn slightly and quickly break down the oil in the blood vessels.

After a month of continuous use, you will be able to return your pair of jade legs.

  ● celery + cabbage can also eat out the cabbage is rich in carotene, vitamin C, etc., are antioxidants, is an important magic weapon for beauty skin; celery is healthy and stomach.

Helps digestion, has a substantial effect on the lower body edema and the modification of the leg curve.

  Ingredients: 2 cabbages, 3 celery, half a spoonful of rice vinegar, seasoned with sugar, seasoned with salt.

  Practice: remove the hard core of the cabbage, cut into thin filaments, cut the celery into small pieces for use.

2 Put the chopped cabbage and celery into a container and pour the stirred rice vinegar.

  Xiao Bian comment: Don’t eat starchy food when the night falls, because it will accumulate in the body, make the lower body fat, and the legs become thicker.

Also don’t eat more salty foods, this is getting more and more water in your legs, and the swelling can’t go on!

  ●Bath salt massage Beauty skin shaping Once the female work is too busy, it is a little difficult to know the specific time to massage the stovepipe.

In fact, as long as you use bath salts when you sleep, you can solve this problem.

  Moreover, the bath salt with a matte effect can quickly “polish” the skin, apply a moisturizing lotion immediately after bath salts, and make your calves slim and more lustrous.

  Specific steps: step1 wet the legs, first massage the whole leg with a bath salt.

  Step2 then use your hands to cover the slightly damp bath salt from the bottom up and massage, the intensity is slightly larger.

  After step3, apply a moisturizing lotion after rinsing. When applying, apply a massage from bottom to top.

  Xiao Bian Comments: The old horny of the calf is generated at a faster speed. It can be “polished” once a week. It is best to soak the calf for 10 minutes before the keratin is softened and the effect is better.


  ● Acupoint Dafa stovepipe is only a few seconds of acupoints to stimulate local blood circulation and strengthen the movement of deep muscles. Many muscles show a clear curve after the acupoint stimulation.

  1, Fengshi Point: When standing upright, hands naturally hang down on the outside of the thigh, the position of the middle finger refers to the point, press with the middle finger, stay acupuncture points for 3 seconds.

  2, Fu rabbit point: the front side of the thigh, the outside, from the upper line and then up 1/3, with the index finger, for 5 seconds.

  3, Chengshan point: When stretching the calf, the muscles of the calf appear at the corner, press with two thumbs, the interval is 5 seconds.

  4, bearing the ribs: Chengshan acupoints on the 3 inch (about the length of the index finger), with the thumb click interval is also 5 seconds.

  Xiao Bian comment: This set of acupuncture stovepipe method is simple, but it is insistent.

Do it every day and stick to it for 1 month.

In addition, the performance at the quasi-acupoints is slightly painful and sour.

  ●When the plastic wrap is wrapped in a thin leg, it is a kind of hot weight loss method for wrap plastic wrap.

Freezing is a weight-loss method that uses the sharp drop in body temperature to accelerate extreme decomposition. It should be carried out in a professional beauty massage room. The effect is very significant.

A similar effect can be achieved by using a slimming cream to massage the thighs at home.

  Specific steps: Step1 Apply a slight decomposition gel to the thighs and thighs and the back. After applying, wrap the elastic bandage and apply the frozen liquid. Remove the elastic bandage after about 45 minutes.  Step2 forks the legs, slightly wider than the shoulders, holding the heel.

Lower the waist and make a right angle to the legs and hips.

Keep this position until you sweat slightly.

  Xiao Bian Comments: It is best to wrap the legs with plastic wrap and wipe it off with a cold towel after sweating. This will make the leg skin softer and more elastic.

  ● Ginger water bathing stovepipe is so simple ginger is a good product of sweating, bathing with ginger water, can promote the blood circulation of local skin, avoiding the formation of cellulite, when the thigh and cheekbones are more compact.

  Specific steps: Step1 grinds ginger and adds it to the bath water.

If you want to make the juice of the ginger come out, you can first boil the ginger with water and then pour it into the bathtub.

  Step2 After the shower, wipe the skinny cream.

  Xiaobian comment: You can soak ginger algae every two days, remember that you can’t exceed the above when you brew ginger water, unless you like a chest. ● 50 feet down the legs to massage the stovepipe can improve the blood circulation of the legs, thus eliminatingThe legs are swollen and create firm legs.

  Specific method: step1 when bathing, first apply the shower gel on the legs.

  Step2 put a tripod on the washstand, and use both hands to push the force from the thigh root upwards, then squat in the opposite direction.

  Xiaobian Comments: The two legs are each 50.

You can also use an uncooked coffee powder to blend the massage oil instead of the shower gel.