1 case in Shaanxi added 1 case of native diagnosis, 1 case of invisible infection

People’s Network Xi’an October 25 (Zou Xing) According to the Shaanxi Provincial Health Committee, the new report of Shaanxi was confirmed by the new report in Shaanxi Province.

At 0-24 October 0-24, a new report was invisible to the invariant infection. As of 24 o’clock on October 24, the accumulated report was 262 cases, 245 cases were discharged, 14 cases in the hospital, 3 deaths.

As of 24 o’clock on October 24, 435 cases of confirmed cases in overseas, 426 cases were discharged, 9 cases in the hospital. 400 cases of non-symptom infection in overseas, 51 cases of confirmed cases were reported, and 340 cases were released in medical observation, and 9 cases of asymptomatic infections were still in medical observation.

Local diagnosis: White, female, 31 years old, is now in Xi’an Yanta District, Tang Long International Hotel front desk service personnel, the close contact person of the local confirmed cases 1, 2 issued on October 18. During concentration of medical observation, the nucleic acid detection of Xi’an CDC, October 24, the consultation of the municipal expert group was new crown pneumonia confirmed cases, currently isolated treatment. The specific activity trajectory of this case is released by Xi’an. Overseas input invisible infections: Ji Mou, male, 39 years old, Henan, Frankfurt to Xi’an DE8442 flight passengers on October 17.

October 17 After the flight arrived in Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, all flights of customs quarantine, nucleic acid testing, point-to-point tranout, isolation medical observation, etc., without Shaanxi Province self-activity trajectory.

During the passenger isolation, the nucleic acid detection results are positive, and they have been diagnosed with no symptom infection with new crown pneumonia. At present, the medical observation of medical institutions.

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