“Hey-hey,That is also a good job in the beginning of Song Song.。”

“okay,okay,Less than,I first let you follow me.,I have to go down the sea,But seeing your current grades, I don’t say anything.,You have two younger girls to say to me to buy health products.,These two people still don’t make people worry。”
When Song Shimin said this, he revealed the color.。
Su Liang see this scene is also a number of people.。
“Hey-hey,Song Song,Why don’t you tell me about this big thing?,If you say that I will say it early, I will definitely send you the best hospital to treat.,You will renounce this county hospital”In the back, he did not say that it was directly to be interrupted by Songshimin.。
“Xiao Su.,Don’t say this,This is said that I have to educate you.,To believe the people,Believe,Where is the same,And I am not a big problem.,Just stone。”
“Did you still have surgery??
That is also injured。”
Songshimin is a glimpse for Su cool,Turn it back。
“Your kid, I didn’t believe these things.,How to grow now, some are always believed.?”
Soong Songmin said,Su Cool does not think of Li Hui Feng,Because the other party is too accurate.,More or it’s too accurate.。
Actually, there is a problem with his heart, you can infer it.。
Heart problem, he knows himself,Still knowing。
“hehe,I used to see less.,Blindly,At that time, I also thought about some words.,But now I have more people.,Naturally, something is also believed.。”
“Oh,You are saying, what do you know??”
“Forehead,For example, I feel very extraordinary today.。”
Su Cool said that this time is still in intentionally paused.。
It seems waiting for Songminmin asking questions。
How is extraordinary??”
“Hey-hey,Song Song,How much is your apple??”
For the health care products brought by Su’an,Songshimin did not care too much before,After all, what he is sick is confidential.,Basically, there are not many people know。
But even so,It is also a lot of people who come to see him every day.。
Therefore, these things he will not blame for health products.,And when you leave, let your son will send back.。
But since you have the original hand,More or say it is your own student asking yourself.,He is a little curious.。
“This apple is actually selling?
That’s more, I don’t feel more than twenty.?”
After all, twenty an apple is known.,Still online, the kind of apple with Fu Lu Shou,And the apple that Su-cool is nothing wrong.,Just ordinary apple model,Just,He doesn’t feel more expensive.。
“Hey-hey,Song Song,You can guess this.,This apple is one hundred dollars one,And this is because of the cause of me.,Talented to fifty one。”
“One hundred dollars?”
Songshimin is also a bit surprised,The first thing he thinks is not the magical place of Apple.,Instead, this apple will not disturb the market.。
“Xiao Su.,Is this apple’s big dealer??
Or what energy is there behind??”