To know,Of that era100One hundred million U.S. dollars,Can be worth the total foreign exchange reserves of a medium-sized country!

“I go,Really a lot of money!”Qiao Tianyu said in surprise,“But Uncle Rubin,I don’t have that much mortgage for you!”
“Hi,The two of us,What mortgage,If you can do it,Use money!”Rubin said broadly.
First0087chapter What’s wrong with lily
Unexpectedly, I met Rubin, the financial oligarch’s agent,Also successfully convinced him,This makes Qiao Tianyu more confident。
After the cooperation is negotiated,In a good mood, Qiao Tianyu opened his belly,Done a long-lost Fenjiu,Both and Rubin got drunk,Drink thoroughly。
When Qiao Tianyu wakes up again,It’s already the next afternoon。
This time,Qiao Tianyu is exhausted。
After waking up,Qiao Tianyu finally recovered after spending a long time,Knowing that I was sent to the hotel by Rubin’s men。
Stayed in bed for a while,Until my stomach sang the empty city plan,Qiao Tianyu just stood up and got up。
Took a hot bath,I wanted to go out and find something to eat,Only then did I find that there were several missed calls on the phone。
It’s Henry’s call!