Cycling is also fitness

Cycling is also fitness

Cycling is a very common way to go out and play. You can exercise and enjoy the scenery on both sides of the road.

In recent years, with the increase in people’s awareness of environmental protection, the choice of travel modes that burn adults instead of gasoline is the general trend, and bicycle tourism is also becoming popular in China.

Enthusiasts of cycling tourism, organized by the planners, travel around in search of their own healthy life.

 The benefits of cycling exercise are unlimited time and unlimited speed.

Not only can riding a bicycle lose weight, but it can also make you fit.

Because cycling is a sport that requires a lot of oxygen, it can also strengthen heart function.

It also prevents high blood pressure, which is sometimes more effective than drugs.

Stepping on a bicycle to compress blood vessels, using the accelerated blood circulation, implanting more oxygen into the brain, and inhaling a lot of fresh air will make your brain clearer.

Riding in the car, you will feel very free and brisk.

It is no longer just a means of travel, it is a way to delight the soul.

  Sports experts point out that due to the special requirements of cycling, the arms and torso are mostly static work, and the legs are mostly dynamic work. When blood is redistributed, the blood supply to the lower limbs is reduced, and the change in heart rate depends onThe speed of the pedaling action varies with the ups and downs of the terrain.

Inside the body, there is an urgent need to supplement nutrients and expel waste, so heartbeats often increase by 2 to 3 times than usual.

Repeated exercises in this way can develop the myocardium, enlarge the heart, force the myocardium to contract, and increase the elasticity of the blood vessel wall.

As a result, lung ventilation is large, lung capacity is increased, and lung respiratory function is improved.

  Experts suggest that the amount of exercise on the bike should be moderate.

It’s not enough to just pay attention to the distance you ride a bicycle, you can keep yourself in good shape when you overcome it.

Cycle at least 30 minutes, but not more than 60 minutes.

When riding a bicycle, relax your upper body and sore head and neck caused by stepping on it; do not press your body too low when riding, otherwise it will restrict abdominal breathing.

  We also have a “downhill racing” bicycle. Although it started in Europe, the mountain bike invented by Americans has swept the traditional bicycle concept and blows a new wind all over the world.

  Mountain bike is a bicycle specially designed for off-road (hills, trails, wilderness and gravel roads, etc.). It was born in 1977 in San Francisco on the west coast of the United States.

At that time, a group of young people who were keen to ride beach bikes on the hillside suddenly thought: “If you can ride down a mountain bike, it must be very interesting.

“He then began the design and manufacture of off-road bicycles.

The official name of the mountain bike came two years later.

Since then, “rapid drop” has emerged as a new item in sports competitions.

Athletes ride down mountain bikes downhill at high speeds along the prescribed downhill routes. The faster ones win, attracting many enthusiasts.

  The climbing mountain bike race is divided into 3 events: DownhillEvent and DualSlalom are very similar to the same event of the ski race-the former is that the driver slides down a downhill track and calculates the shortest timeWin.

At the top is a rider who rides down on two side-by-side downhills at the same time, leaps over the soil slope with a zigzag edge, and the first to win is the winner.

Considering that the Cross-Country is played in the natural environment in the wild as its name implies, the race usually usually is between 16 kilometers and 24 kilometers, and no less than a quarter of the track is artificially repaired.

The tricks and tricks in all competitions are just the right track twice, to avoid more wrongdoing.