Comprehensively enter 5,266 grassroots party group service centers to develop science and technology volunteers 107,900 Tianjin promote the scientific quality of the whole public science.

In the inflatable collar theater, the children look up at the stars, and they will be excited from time to time.

  Tianjin North Network News: Wow! So many stars, really look! Look at the nebula, I still see it! On Friday afternoon, the second experimental primary school playground in Hongqiao District came out and laughed.

Can you see the stars during the day? This time, the Children’s Women’s Wishes in the Science and Technology Association of Hongqiao District and Hongqiao District. On the playground, more than 30 pictures of the graphic, shallow and easy-to-understand publicity promotion exhibition, attracting teachers and students, especially a diameter of 8 meters, the appearance, such as Mongolian inflatable ball curtain, more eye-catching The cave of the theater is drilled in, accompanied by a surprise, a digital sky is through the built-in professional astronomical star demo system, and the galaxy above the skyline is projected onto the spherical curtain. Everyone is surrounded by the Milky Way It is a starry sky; after the teenager teachers will talk about the student, under the surrounds of the three-dimensional sound, the solar system, Magellen Star system, etc.,,,,,,,,,, It is a short a few minutes to show & hellip; & hellip; this is the mobile torch hall, which is our Juvenile Palace as a national science base, innovative astronomical science education, and the vivid practice of the whole country from the doll. Practice.

The Minister of the Youth Queen Group, the city’s national scientific quality work advanced personal Jin Guolin said that it is bright as the world’s intelligent conference, and adults like it, and the strokes look! Many children are fell in love with science because of this time. This is the role of the general public, so that the small scientists are everywhere. This year, Hongqiao District is carefully planned to enjoy the 2021 national science brand activities, and the 100th anniversary of the gift is the theme, entering the community, school, enterprises. At present, the epidemic prevention science (vaccine), saving food, earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, food Safety and other more than 800 science propaganda and technology volunteer activities, benefiting the masses of over 10,000 people. Sui Xin, Minister of Science and Technology, Hongqiao District Association, said. Summer, Vice President of the Municipal Association: General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that scientific and technological innovation, scientific popularization is two wings to realize innovation and development. It is necessary to put scientific and technological innovation. There is no generalization of scientific and technological innovation, it is difficult to establish The grand high-quality innovation army is difficult to achieve rapid conversion of scientific and technological achievements. If the technological innovation is a tower, scientifically popular is the tower. During the 2nd World Intelligence Conference of 2018, Tianjin took the lead in opening an exploration of all fields in the country, all region coverage, full media communication, and all the people participated in the whole country.

Since the implementation, the city’s citizens have a scientific quality ratio increased significantly in the growth rate of a percentage point, reaching 2020, ranking third in the country. Tianjin model is also introduced to the National Science Association to National Association, the State Council "National Science Quality Action Plan (2021 2035)" also will also be an important part of the grassroots science service system.

  In the uncle aunt, ask everyone to avoid the increase of cholesterol rises? On November 4th, in the Jinlu Community Service Center, Xianwu Town, Jinan District, Tianjin Science and Technology Museum, Science and Technology Pack, Tian Yinghui’s voice, the answer of the community grandparents, this is coming. Yes, you can eat steril, you can’t eat meat milk & hellip; & hellip; In the human body biosynthesis, even if vegetarian cholesterol may rise. After listening to scientific explanation, the old people suddenly realized.

Since September National Science Day, Tianjin Science and Technology Museum sent a professional science team into 21 communities in 11 street towns in Jinan Province to meet the science needs of grassroots community. It can feel that the scientific quality and discerning of the elderly in Zizheng will increase year by year, which is related to the more and more scientific and technological workers. Tian Yinghui said.

  In the whole area of ??Tianjin blooming, 8266 grassroots party service centers, 1778 new era civilization, and 81 well-known scientists and other 81 well-known scientists were hired as science ambassadors. The city has formed 2,677 scientific and technological volunteers. The development of science and technology volunteers, the development of science information, the country leads, the pioneering power of the whole domain is growing.

The whole domain science has always adhered to the people-centered and the Science Association Department will continue to promote popular science, leisin, Huimin, and continuously innovate the method of improving the scientific quality of the whole people, and promote the achievement of the national science development is more balanced and the quality of service is higher. Summer autumn rain said.

(Jin Yun news editor Sun Chang).